Paragraph A Week (PaW)

Paragraph a Week (PaW) was conceived during the school year 1998-99 by a group of 5/6th grade connected educators from all around the world. This was back in the early days of the World Wide Web when blogs did not exist. There was no Teachers Pay Teachers, only a few teacher websites, and chat rooms were still in their infancy.

I did have one of those rare Teacher Websites. Called The Teacher's Desk I posted all my fun lesson ideas to share with other web teachers. I received many email messages thanking me for sharing my  material. From these messages came our group of connected educators. Imagine all the individual email addresses we all had to organize. Phew! It got crazy.

In early 1998 we discovered LISTSERV groups. This streamlined our emailing and allowed the group to grow to over 500 teachers. We readily shared and created lessons. Paragraph a Week was one of our projects. I was one of the coordinators for PaW, a prolific topic writer, and storage supervisor (the PaW program was housed at my website).

When I closed my website in 2012 in favor of a free blog, Paragraph a Week was no longer accessible to teachers except through the web archive The Way Back Machine. Here you can find all of the original PaW topics. I received MANY email messages asking where the PaW topics had gone; some were even threats. I imagine those were from panicked teachers looking for a topic a few minutes before their class was scheduled to commence.

In 2013 I opened my blog The Teacher's Desk 6 and decided to reissue the PaW topics and program materials. At first I posted a topic sporadically, usually near a holiday. Now each Tuesday a topic is shared as part of the series The Tuesday Writing PaWs. Below is a current list of all the newly reissued topics. They are in no particular order; some yield a single paragraph composition while others a multi-paragraph text. Regardless, they are yours for the using!

  1. Leprechauns
  2. Earth Day
  3. Mother's Day
  4. Finish the Phrase
  5. Nice
  6. National Pencil Month
  7. Favorite Valentine Memory
  8. Bird's Eye View of Spring
  9. Abe and George
  10. Journey of a Snowflake
  11. Color
  12. A Tribute to Johnny Appleseed
  13. School Uniforms
  14. Chocolate Rain
  15. Good Substitute Teacher
  16. Favorite Relative
  17. Allowance
  18. Best Teacher
  19. Signs of Fall
  20. Making Sense of an Apple
  21. Do You or Don't You Halloween?
  22. Favorite Halloween Activity
  23. Pumpkin Contest Part 1
  24. Pumpkin Contest Part 2
  25. Making a Discovery
  26. Thanksgiving Guest
  27. Holiday Smells
  28. Advent Traditions
  29. Christmas Presents
  30. Planet
  31. Snow Day
  32. Catholic Schools Week
  33. Thank Goodness
  34. Reading
  35. Water
  36. Favorite Outfit
  37. Memorial Day
  38. Don't Bug Me


  1. I love these and have used them for the past few year - I got them from a fellow teacher.
    Are there additional PAW topics somewhere? I thought I remember one about going back to school.

    1. There are additional topics that I haven't reformatted to fit the design of my blog. Many of those are not my original work but belong to the group of teachers that I refer to in the PaW story. Here is a link to my original website where all topics are listed.


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