January 17, 2017

January Show and Tell Tuesday

Can it be that January is more than half over already? Love when time flies by so quickly; it means that I'm busy, productive, and happy! I'm very happy to be joining Forever in 5th Grade for her fun, monthly linky.
First up are two pics from our school's annual Science/STEM day. Budding scientists in grades K-3 are invited to attend a morning of fun, educational, and engaging science activities. This is the second year that I have chaired the event. My sixth graders helped attend the stations and guided the younger students through the activities, among them: hoopty gliders, Avogadro's rockets, cluck in a cup, balancing peacock feathers on your finger, boinks, reaction rockets, tower building, and MORE (there were 22 stations in all).

We FINALLY finished our marble runs last week. What a fun and engaging STEM activity it was for my sixth graders. They practiced and implemented so many scientific principles of force and motion while having a great time and being creative. I was smart this year. Instead of doing this STEM activity in the spring like I normally do, I decided to do it during the pre-holiday chaos of Christmas program rehearsals and December snow days. No matter how crazy my kiddos got during this time, the marble run brought them back to work in a jif!

The objective is to build a marble run that causes the marble to take the most time to travel. It had to be at least two feet tall, be portable and able to be carried by one person, have an open section in the run, change direction 180 degrees at least once, and have a cup in which the marble ends. The only materials they could use were that which I placed in the marble run box (cardboard tubes, card stock, cups, cardboard sheets, and masking tape) and their own duct tape. 

If you look above at the first picture for #1 you will see the marble runs; they were a big hit on Science Day. My kiddos were so proud!

This was the winning run by .53 seconds!

Finally, my fuzz girls are always the last picture that I share each Show and Tell. I purchased a small "security" camera last year from Amazon. Yes, it is a security camera, but it's more for me to check in on Lulubelle and Daisymae. I had stopped at the grocery store the other day for a few items and decided to check on my girls after I loaded up my car. I caught them staring at the front door, waiting for me to come home. I swear these two can tell time.

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