January 17, 2017

January Show and Tell Tuesday

Can it be that January is more than half over already? Love when time flies by so quickly; it means that I'm busy, productive, and happy! I'm very happy to be joining Forever in 5th Grade for her fun, monthly linky.
First up are two pics from our school's annual Science/STEM day. Budding scientists in grades K-3 are invited to attend a morning of fun, educational, and engaging science activities. This is the second year that I have chaired the event. My sixth graders helped attend the stations and guided the younger students through the activities, among them: hoopty gliders, Avogadro's rockets, cluck in a cup, balancing peacock feathers on your finger, boinks, reaction rockets, tower building, and MORE (there were 22 stations in all).

We FINALLY finished our marble runs last week. What a fun and engaging STEM activity it was for my sixth graders. They practiced and implemented so many scientific principles of force and motion while having a great time and being creative. I was smart this year. Instead of doing this STEM activity in the spring like I normally do, I decided to do it during the pre-holiday chaos of Christmas program rehearsals and December snow days. No matter how crazy my kiddos got during this time, the marble run brought them back to work in a jif!

The objective is to build a marble run that causes the marble to take the most time to travel. It had to be at least two feet tall, be portable and able to be carried by one person, have an open section in the run, change direction 180 degrees at least once, and have a cup in which the marble ends. The only materials they could use were that which I placed in the marble run box (cardboard tubes, card stock, cups, cardboard sheets, and masking tape) and their own duct tape. 

If you look above at the first picture for #1 you will see the marble runs; they were a big hit on Science Day. My kiddos were so proud!

This was the winning run by .53 seconds!

Finally, my fuzz girls are always the last picture that I share each Show and Tell. I purchased a small "security" camera last year from Amazon. Yes, it is a security camera, but it's more for me to check in on Lulubelle and Daisymae. I had stopped at the grocery store the other day for a few items and decided to check on my girls after I loaded up my car. I caught them staring at the front door, waiting for me to come home. I swear these two can tell time.

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December 30, 2016

New Year Writing FREEBIE

As part of my New Year resolution, I decided to sort through some of the older files on my computer, those files that started out on another computer, got copied onto this one, and I haven't touched since who knows when. Sometimes when you do peek into these ancient archives you discover a treasure.

I created this writing activity about five years ago, used it with great success with my sixers, then promptly forgot about it until today while I was sifting and sorting the old, neglected e-files. With a quick update to the years, it's ready to be used with this year's crop of students. If you'd like a copy to use with your students, just click HERE.

December 26, 2016

ZAP-tastic After Christmas Sale!

Everyone loves a sale! 
And what better time to have a sale than at the end of the year? Are you in search of some fun and engaging, print and go activities to implement in the coming new year? Perhaps you received some TpT gift certificates as Christmas presents and are looking to spend them.Then you are in the right place.

Not sure what ZAP is? It's THE BEST review and practice game there is! 
This blog post tells much more about this versatile and engaging game. There's even a link to a free ZAP game. You can download it and determine if ZAP would be a ZAP-tastic fit for you and your kiddos. 

Are you ready to be ZAPped? Click HERE to discover more than 100 ZAP games in stock in my TpT Store and save 20% on all your ZAP purchases. Be sure to not hesitate; these savings are only good now through Dec. 27, 2016. 

December 20, 2016

December Show and Tell Tuesday

What with all the holiday excitement, coming down with the flu, snow days, and just the typical teacher hustle and bustle, this month's Show and Tell snuck up on me!

THREE FOUR snow days in the past week and a half and winter is just getting started! 
Goodness, our first snowfall wasn't even until December 6th.

One terrific way to keep students engaged and learning during weeks full of Christmas program practice, snow days, and looming vacation is to involve them in a STEM activity. This is probably THE MOST FAVORITE of all STEM activites that we do each year, designing a marble run.
Another way of keeping kids engaged at this hectic time of the year is reading via chromebooks. Are you familiar with Epic? If not, please check it out. It's well worth your time... free, full sized books for students to read online. Just add a graphic organizer and BOOM, a ready made lesson. My principal walked past my classroom on Friday afternoon, and then doubled back, and came in. He was enthralled that my kids were quiet and actively engaged 15 minutes before the end of the day before the weekend! SCORE for this teacher and Epic!

Merry Christmas to me! I have had an Amazon Echo since they were first available and LOVE it! I decided I wanted one of the Echo Dots for my classroom and finally ordered it on Thanksgiving break. After a bit of a delay and a delivery of an empty box, my Dot arrived last week. Because of snow days and sick days (yuck! the flu struck  me hard), I was finally able to install it last Friday afternoon. During our reading time, we all enjoyed holiday instrumental music (and a few holiday jokes).

And it just wouldn't be Show and Tell here at The Teacher's Desk 6 without at least one photo of my fuzz girls. This month I'm sharing a pic of my Lulubelle. Would you just look at her! She stole my chair and wouldn't let me sit down. I had to move over to the couch! Lulie actually sat like that for nearly an hour before relinquishing my chair back to me. Silly girl!

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November 27, 2016

Guess What!

It's that time of year...

And I've got a $10 TpT gift certificate to giveaway just in time for you to spend during the sale. Enter this Rafflecopter before November 29, 2016, and I will select one name at random early, early on the morning of the twenty-ninth. You'll receive your prize in time to enjoy using it during the sale!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

While you're shopping on TpT, please check out all of the brand new items that I've recently added to my TpT Store. I've included loads of my ever popular ZAP games. Several are holiday related while others integrate religion with ELA skills. There's a new mystery picture just for the holidays, and I've added a brand new card game called SWITCH! Just click HERE to see all of The Teacher's Desk 6 new inventory.

You can save 10% on all bundles and 28% on individual items in my store during the cyber sale by using the promo code CYBER2016
Happy Shopping!

November 26, 2016

Advent: Season of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love (freebies)

It's that time again! It's the beginning of the Liturgical Year, our New Year! The Season of Advent begins this coming Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016. Advent is one of my favorite times of the year- it is the season of hope, peace, joy, and love that reminds us of the coming of  Light into our world of darkness.

To help you celebrate this wondrous time of the year I have many freebies for you and your students...

First, if you are using brag tags in your classroom, HERE is a set for you.

Next is a packet of materials: spelling list, graphic organizer, editing activitiy, and more. You can download it HERE.

HERE is a simple Advent Take Three. This is a great pre-writing activity!

Speaking of Writing Activity, HERE is a prompt from the original Paragraph a Week program just for Advent.

Are you and your students keeping Interactive ELA Notebooks? Here are three foldables perfect for integrating religion with Language Arts. One for ADJECTIVES, one for VERBS, and one for ADVERBS.

Need a quick, yet attractive Advent decoration for your classroom? HERE is a banner for your students to construct that combines research, writing, and fun!

Working with older students? HERE is an activity that integrates Language Arts skills with Music. Students must scavenge the lyrics of the familiar Advent hymn "On Jordan's Bank" for poetry, literary, and grammatical elements.

Just for fun or for a writing center HERE is a list of Would You Rather's tailored for Advent.

Interested in STILL MORE Advent/ELA activities? Just click HERE.

November 24, 2016

Black Friday Dollar Deals

It just wouldn't be Black Friday without a few deals! In celebration of Black Friday, you can find loads of dollar deals on TpT. Organized by Ashley from Ashley's Brainy Centers, sellers have been encouraged to mark down terrific teaching products to just one dollar for this busiest shopping day of the year. Instead of braving the crowded stores and bustling shoppers, shop from your arm chair at home on TpT. Visit TpT and use the #blackfridaydollardeals tag in the search box to find the sale products or just click HERE.


Here are two brand new items that I am offering in my TpT Store for just one dollar each. Both are holiday related, perfect for those high energy days during the wait-for-the-holiday break, and ready for you and your students to use... just print and go! Click on the link provided for each item to learn more about it and see more images.

a two-in-one game to engage your students in practicing ELA skills

contains extra cards for additional playing fun

November 15, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday for November

It's time for one of my favorite monthly posts...
On Halloween, this happened! I haven't bowled in like FOREVER. My nephew begged me to join his family for an evening of all you can bowl. Well, I lasted three hours and two and a half games. Of course, I paid for it for several days as well... oh my knees! I did have a lot of fun so, we're going to go again over Thanksgiving weekend.

I have been BUSY, busy making loads of ZAP games. My kiddos love this simple game. Not sure what ZAP is? Check out this post HERE and my TpT store HERE. Your kiddos will love getting ZAPPED!

My kiddos love GO ROUND days! What's that? It's really nothing more than literacy centers with a bit of a twist. We do Go Round days on Wednesdays each week. Each of the four tables in my room houses a particular center (these change from week to week). In the pic above you see a mystery picture for practicing parts of speech, a roll-a-story activity for Thanksgiving, and a game of U-Know for cause and effect. On the fourth table was a ZAP game. Students start out at their home table and work on the activity for eight minutes at which point a timer goes off. They then GO ROUND the room to the next table where they work for eight minutes and so on until all of the tables have been visited. Go Round assignments that need to be finished are completed over the next two days during class.

Finally, I just had to share a pic of these two sweet girls. Lulubelle and Daisy Mae have been sissies for nearly three years. They have slowly, ever so slowly made up over this lengthy time. They have gradually learned to tolerate each other and to sit near each other. Just this past weekend they actually slept together on the couch, touching each other! WAHOO! Sounds silly, but if you have ever had two stubborn cats, you know what an accomplishment this is.

Thank you for joining me here for Show and Tell Tuesday. Please head on over to Forever in 5th Grade and see all the other great Show and Tell posts by bloggers from all over the Education World. It's a great way to keep up with terrific teachers, learn great new ideas, and see wonderful learning products in action!

October 22, 2016

I did it!

What did I do that has me so excited? I made an animated quote box banner for my TpT store, and if I might say, "It didn't turn out half bad for a first attempt!"

I have been interested in all the beautiful animated Quote Box banners that I have been seeing on TpT. More and more keep appearing. I knew a little bit about making animated images and was aware of a few websites that helped you make them for free but I wasn't quite sure of how much work was involved or what kinds of programs that I would need. So, I Googled how to make TpT animated banners. Most of the tutorials were for Photoshop or Adobe programs, neither of which I own. Finally, I found a tutorial by Sarah Griffin of Daughters and Kindergarten for making one in Power Point, my go-to program for creating my TpT products.

Easy, peasy to follow, Sarah's tutorial lead to a completed animated banner in less than an hour which is happily displayed here and in my TpT Store. If you've been considering an animated Quote Box banner, give Sarah's tutorial a try. It was a fun way to spend a dreary Saturday!