May 16, 2017

May Show and Tell Tuesday

This post marks the last Show and Tell of the current school year... WOW! Where has the time flown? It seems like we were just starting the school year a few weeks ago. I guess that time flying like this is a good sign: school and learning were engaging and fun and not dreary and boring. One thing that's never boring is our monthly Show and Tell posts.

First up is a truly fun and engaging technology app that has changed the way that we do vocabulary in my classrooms: Quizlet and Quizlet Live. If you are not familiar with this wonder, please check it out now. It has my kiddos BEGGING to practice vocabulary, yes begging!

Teachers and students can create card sets (lists of vocabulary words) and practice them online in various ways (flash cards, writing, games) at Quizlet, while Quizlet Live allows an entire class to compete against each other in cooperative teams (SOOOOO fun). Teachers can even create tests using their card sets to print and administer offline, a great time saver. 

Yay! Literature Circles are up and running in both fifth and sixth grade. I LOVE literature circles because my kiddos become responsible for their own reading and learning, and my kiddos love literature circles because they become responsible for their own reading and leaning. It is a marvelous strategy to incorporate in a reading class. It just takes time to teach the roles, responsibilities, and management. Once that's down.... BOOM, read away!

 Bishop Murry came for his annual visit to our school this past week. We were just getting ready to administer the STARS Reading Assessment in gr. 7 ELA so he didn't stay long. It's a really BIG deal when the bishop comes to visit!

Of course, the final picture MUST be of my fuzz girls! Last month I shared a photo of Daisymae and Lulubelle sleeping together on the back of the sofa, something they rarely do even after living together for more than four years. Well, believe it or not, this has become something they usually do. I purchased two new loungers at the beginning of the month, one for me and one for any guests that visit. The second lounger has been appropriated by the girls! If I am not sitting in my chair, one of them is in it, and the other is in the second chair. If I sit in mine; they sit/sleep in the other, together... all the time!

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May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Happy Teacher Appreciation!
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April 18, 2017

April Show and Tell Tuesday

This month's Show and Tell finds great changes in the weather- we hit a wonderful 80 degrees, yay!- and in the classroom... the year is starting to wind down. Currently, my students and I are on Easter break. When we return to classes next week, there are only six weeks left in our school year. YIKES!

Prior to our Easter break we were actively involved in tons of fun LEARNING.

For the second half of the third quarter and the fourth quarter we turn our attention to Earth Science. One of the first units of study is the structure of the Earth and its system. A fun, engaging (and tasty) activity that our text, Science Studies Weekly, suggests is entitled "Hard Boiled Earth." Students color a hard boiled egg to represent the landmasses/oceans of the Earth's surface, then peel the crust away to reveal the mantle (white), and finally cut apart the egg to locate the core (yolk). When all was completed, we enjoying eating our Earth!

For Show and Tell, I often share STEM activities that my sixth graders experience. The week before our break, my sixers and the seventh and eighth graders experienced the ultimate STEM activity of our year. United Skates of America, located about an hour away from our school, offers a day of STEM and skate, so we took them up on it! For our first hour we learned about "Motion and Rink Design," applying the laws of motion and math to determine the speed of skaters. We also attempted to design a more efficient, safe skating assistant (a support for beginning/challenged skaters). When our lesson was completed, we were treated to pizza and soda, followed by 90 mins. of skating! This was our first time with United Skates but definitely won't be our last; they offer five STEM lessons, so we can make this a yearly activity and experience a new STEM lesson each year.

On the day before our break, we did a little toaster oven science/Religion, making the Christian fish with Chi Rho pendant. We started with a white styrofoam tray and a fish pattern. After tracing the pattern onto the foam, coloring it with the Chi Rho and personal colors/designs, and cutting it out, we placed it in a warm toaster oven and watched the magic begin! First the fish swelled and puffed in the heat. Then it began to twist and curl. Finally it shrunk and layed still and flat, revealing our newly formed pendant. After cooling, we strung the fish on a length of fine yarn and modeled them for all to see.

As always, my last photo of the monthly Show and Tell is of my girls, DaisyMae and Lulubelle. They are seeking each other out more and more... to sleep together and even to play.... only took FOUR years!!!

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March 28, 2017

Out of the Box: ANOTHER DK Beauty!

What do an adventure castle, a domed den, a balancing butterfly, and loads of creativity have in common? Out of the Box by Jemma Westing, of course!

Twenty-five interactive cardboard model projects that engage kids' creativity and "out of the box" thinking skills through hands-on learning and the application of science-based principles.
Kids can bring old cardboard to life and build recycled creations they can play with, sit in, and wear.
Supporting STEM education initiatives and the Maker Movement, Out of the Box includes 25 interactive cardboard model projects to inspire kids' creativity through engaged and hands-on learning, and, as the founder of Maker Faire Dale Dougherty says, "to realize with their hands what they can imagine in their minds." 
From small-scale gifts to large constructions, author and award-winning paper engineer Jemma Westing uses clear, step-by-step instructions to show kids how to make dinosaurs, masks, race cars, and so much more, and inspirational images encourage them to make their own unique models when they are feeling more confident. The projects utilize only recycled materials, including cardboard rolls and boxes, so all the supplies should be easy to find right at home.
Build something brilliant with Out of the Box. The possibilities are endless!...

I received this beautiful book a few days ago and couldn't wait to tear into it the minute I saw it! Each colorful page contains exciting photos of fun, kid friendly projects, step-by-step directions, and templates with just the right blend of directions and imagination.

Most projects require little planning and few materials: cardboard, paint, tape, scissors, glue... things that are laying around a typical household. However, some projects are a bit more ambitious and require specialized types of cardboard or just LOTS of it!

As a teacher I can see myself placing this book on a table in a corner of my room with all of the necessary supplies in a box under the table, and inviting students to visit the corner during their spare time. Out of the Box is sure to become a great work motivator. Students will want to quickly attend to their assignments so they will be free to engineer engaging cardboard projects.

Several of the projects would be terrific whole class STEM activities. One in particular that I plan on utilizing with my sixth graders is the "Balancing Butterflies" found on pp. 22-25. This simple, attractive project combines spring butterfly art with the concept of center of gravity and will make for a nice art craft activity and a quick informative science lesson.

Published by DK Books, Out of the Box by Jemma Westing is available for purchase beginning April 18, 2017.

March 21, 2017

March Show and Tell Tuesday

It seems like I just blink and BOOM... there goes another month, and it's once again time for my favorite linky.

First up for this month is another STEM activity. We try to include at least one STEM activity every other week. It's something that my kiddos and I look forward to. For this STEM activity we were investigating the elements of flight. Our challenge was to create an paper airplane that would carry the most cargo (plastic metric weights). I couldn't believe that one group designed a plane that was able to fly with 63g of weights on it!

It just wouldn't be Show and Tell without pictures of my kiddos playing ZAP! ZAP! is hands-down my classes' favorite game EVER! 

On St. Patrick's Day my fifth grade Language Arts students enjoyed a Go 'Round with four ZAP games. One helped them practice alphabetical order; one had them identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; a third  had them identifying declarative, interrogative, imperative, or exclamatory sentences; and the last game had them practicing independent and dependent clauses. Never played ZAP? Check out more than 100 ZAP games that I have featured in my TpT Store; a few are even free!

I NEVER make New Year's resolutions because I NEVER keep them! This year I broke my NEVER and made two. One, I was not going to let dishes pile up in my sink anymore. So far, so good. I've been washing the dishes after every meal. The second resolution was that I was going to do more home cooking. I HATE to cook for just myself, but eating out is just not the healthiest nor the most economical.  These are just a few of the dishes I've made this past month: chicken, green beans, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes with balsamic glaze is a Facebook recipe; the Zuppa Tuscana is an Olive Garden fakeout dish for which I didn't use a recipe; the baked penne was made with leftover sauce from my nephew; and the choo choo wheels and kielbasi with peppers is something my sis made when her kids were little. So far, so yummy for resolution two as well!

Finally, a pic of the fur babies, or in this case, just sweet Miss Lulubelle. She was half asleep but kept reaching up and trying to pat my face with her paw... so, so precious!

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February 25, 2017

Mardi Gras and ELA Fun

Where does the time go? I was thinking I still had plenty of time to prepare myself and my class for Lent, March 1st was still a ways away... We already had our school Ash Wednesday liturgy planned... and then... I saw Katie's posts from Look to Him and Be Radiant with her always awesome ideas for the upcoming Lenten season. Egads, I realized that I had to get busy!

MARDI GRAS fun comes first...

We celebrate Mardi Gras as a last blast of excessive fun prior to the solemn season of Lent. I looked through my Mardi Gras material to use on Monday and Tuesday of the coming week. We will use a scoot activity in fifth grade that incorporates Mardi Gras with Language Arts class. Scoot is such a fun activity since it incorporates English skills, such as practicing alphabetical order, while letting students get up and move around. Can't beat that for a class activity! Click HERE for more about this set of scoot cards.

I needed a bit more Mardi Gras fun for my fifth grade Language Arts students. We've most recently been studying adjectives, in particular, the degrees of adjectives: positive, comparative, and superlative. I decided to whip up something fun to help my students practice this somewhat ho-hum skill. Thanks to Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah Designs and a brand new FREE product, Mardi Gras Color By Code Clip Art set, I was able to craft a fun, engaging color by degree of adjectives Mardi Gras worksheet. Click HERE to read more about this worksheet or grab your own copy.

While I had fifth grade planned for some Mardi Gras fun, I still needed something for my sixth and seventh graders. Art with Jenny K. came through for me! I just love her material, as do my students! She and Brain Waves Instruction have been creating Reading Comprehension/Art passages for students in grs. 3-8. Just this past week, the duo offered a set with a Mardi Gras passage... PERFECT! Students read a passage, answer comprehension questions, then use the answers to help color a pop art Mardi Gras design. Check out this terrific set HERE; you'll be happy that you did.

Finally, I recently created a brand new ZAP! game to help my students celebrate Mardi Gras while still practicing their ELA skills. You can download this recent addition to my growing cache of popular ZAP! games HERE.

Meanwhile if you use brag tags in your classroom, HERE's a fun freebie Mardi Gras tag for you to share with your class(es) for the upcoming holiday. ENJOY!

Watch for Lenten/ELA activities posted shortly after Ash Wednesday.

February 21, 2017

February Show and Tell

It's time for my favorite monthly linky!

Shortly after last month's Show and Tell party, we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. Part of the week was lost due to three snow days, but we still managed to squeeze in a bit of fun. Students in grades 3-6 traveled by deluxe coach to Peak and Peek Resort in upstate New York for a fun day of tubing. Here you see everyone getting into their snow gear ready to hit the tubing run. I stayed warm and snuggly in the lodge, keeping an eye on personal belongings.

Our Valentine's party is the LAST "party" that students celebrate. When they enter junior high there are no more "parties" for the holidays. Our Valentine's party was full of fun games and yummy goodies. Our second grade buddies even came to visit and deliver special cards.

At the end of last school year I received a wonderful FREE kit from Scholastic and Nascar. Students build their own Nascar racers and explore science concepts such as aerodynamics, gravity, motion, friction, energy, and more. Here you can see our sixth grader racers, parked and waiting to be put through the paces!

Finally... a pic of my fur babies... This month is a picture of just Lulubelle. I came home from grocery shopping this past weekend, dropped the bag in my utility room, and began putting away my items. No sooner had I stepped away from the bag then there was Lulie! Nothing in my house is safe from the girls!

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