January 27, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs 1.27.15

Last week my sixers were studying the 6+1 Traits of Writing. We had worked with them last year, but we really hadn't looked at them too closely this year. With this new grading period we are turning our language focus to writing in a more intense way. We started with a PowerPoint Presentation.

As we worked our way through the presentation, we kept notes on an INB foldable that I created using the clip art from Edu-clips.

Like this foldable? Click HERE for your own copy.
We are using our renewed knowledge of the Six+1 Traits to help us revise, rewrite, and publish a set of expository/narrative paragraphs for a great winter project from Runde's Room that features penguin shaped paper. These will be completed this coming week.

During last week's Tuesday Writing PaWs I talked about the original Paragraph a Week program that the 5-6gradeconnection teacher group developed via email almost twenty years ago. We originally used a set of five characteristics of good writing to assess our students' work. Here is what the original evaluation form actually looked like.
As time progressed and the Six Traits assessment tool was developed (the +1 trait of presentation was added later), I began using these traits to help my students hone their writing skills. The PaWs weekly topic/instruction sheets reflected the focus traits each week. You can see this feature of the program by looking at the REMEMBER section in this free PaW that you can download HERE. All six traits were introduced, practiced, and reinforced throughout the Paragraph a Week program.

Other PAW FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below.
St. Patrick's Day
Earth Day
Mother's Day
Finish the Phrase
Topics soon to appear during the Tuesday Writing PaWs:
Parent Introductory Letter
Journey of a Snowflake
Valentine Memory

I'm adding this post to Teach Junkie's Creative Teaching Ideas linky. Hop on over to Leslie's blog for more fun teaching ideas.


  1. What a great idea- writing a paragraph every week! Thanks for the freebies too!

  2. Ha - I just laughed when I read "you may NOT use the word nice." Nice way to get it all in.


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