May 16, 2017

May Show and Tell Tuesday

This post marks the last Show and Tell of the current school year... WOW! Where has the time flown? It seems like we were just starting the school year a few weeks ago. I guess that time flying like this is a good sign: school and learning were engaging and fun and not dreary and boring. One thing that's never boring is our monthly Show and Tell posts.

First up is a truly fun and engaging technology app that has changed the way that we do vocabulary in my classrooms: Quizlet and Quizlet Live. If you are not familiar with this wonder, please check it out now. It has my kiddos BEGGING to practice vocabulary, yes begging!

Teachers and students can create card sets (lists of vocabulary words) and practice them online in various ways (flash cards, writing, games) at Quizlet, while Quizlet Live allows an entire class to compete against each other in cooperative teams (SOOOOO fun). Teachers can even create tests using their card sets to print and administer offline, a great time saver. 

Yay! Literature Circles are up and running in both fifth and sixth grade. I LOVE literature circles because my kiddos become responsible for their own reading and learning, and my kiddos love literature circles because they become responsible for their own reading and leaning. It is a marvelous strategy to incorporate in a reading class. It just takes time to teach the roles, responsibilities, and management. Once that's down.... BOOM, read away!

 Bishop Murry came for his annual visit to our school this past week. We were just getting ready to administer the STARS Reading Assessment in gr. 7 ELA so he didn't stay long. It's a really BIG deal when the bishop comes to visit!

Of course, the final picture MUST be of my fuzz girls! Last month I shared a photo of Daisymae and Lulubelle sleeping together on the back of the sofa, something they rarely do even after living together for more than four years. Well, believe it or not, this has become something they usually do. I purchased two new loungers at the beginning of the month, one for me and one for any guests that visit. The second lounger has been appropriated by the girls! If I am not sitting in my chair, one of them is in it, and the other is in the second chair. If I sit in mine; they sit/sleep in the other, together... all the time!

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May 8, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Happy Teacher Appreciation!
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