April 5, 2016

Tuesday Writing PaWs 4.5.16

I looked back at my posts and discovered that it's been nearly a month since I last shared a Tuesday Writing PaWs. What with Easter break and special linkies that fell on Tuesday I took a brief pause from the PaWs.

When I think of April, I always think of Easter and when I think of Easter, I always think of new clothes. As a child I always received a brand new outfit to wear to church on Easter, including hat, gloves, socks, and shoes. There are countless photos from my childhood of me dressed in my Easter finery. So in honor of Easter and new clothing, here's this week's Writing PaWs. You can download your free topic sheet HERE.

Don't forget: All of the Tuesday Writing PaWs topic sheets are always available for your use. Just click the Paragraph a Week tab at the top of the blog. There you will find more than thirty topics free for you to use in your classroom.

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