May 19, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs: The Best Teacher 5.19.15

The school year is quickly winding down. There are only 10 school days left (and a few of these are fun days with no classes)... EGADS! Just as the year is winding down, so, too, will the Tuesday Writing PaWs. This will be the last weekly topic for the year, but don't fret. The Tuesday Writing PaWs will appear the first Tuesday of each month during the summer and resume weekly once school returns in late August.

This week's PaW's a great topic for us teachers to see what our students think about GOOD Teachers. You can download the FREEBIE instruction sheet HERE.

Other PaW (Paragraph a Week) FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below. This list is arranged in no particular manner and contains single and multi-paragraph topics.
Earth Day
Mother's Day
Finish the Phrase
National Pencil Month
Favorite Valentine Memory
Bird's Eye View of Spring
Abe and George
Journey of a Snowflake
A Tribute to Johnny Appleseed
School Uniforms
Chocolate Rain
Good Substitute Teacher
Favorite Relative

The Tuesday Writing PaWs will return June 2, 2015, with the topic AROUND THE WORLD.

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  1. Angela, thanks for sharing these wonderful PAWs with us. I look forward to using one a week with my students next year as I feel like I've pretty well neglected writing this year. Thanks again for sharing.


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