September 29, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs: Let the Fall Topics Continue

One of the best parts of the original Paragraph a Week program was that all of us teachers who were collaborating on the topics back in the 90's had a wealth of enthusiasm which lead to a plethora of ideas. Seasonal topics were among the most popular and populous, fall being a particular favorite. Last week's Writing PaWs set the stage for a mini-series of topics all centered on the season of fall. The next four to five weeks of the Tuesday Writing PaWs will continue with fall related topics.

This week you can download a PaW topic information sheet about Making Sense of an Apple HERE which will help your students write a five paragraph essay.

Other PaW (Paragraph a Week) FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below. This list is arranged in no particular manner and contains single and multi-paragraph topics.

Earth Day
Mother's Day
Finish the Phrase
National Pencil Month
Favorite Valentine Memory
Bird's Eye View of Spring
Abe and George
Journey of a Snowflake
A Tribute to Johnny Appleseed
School Uniforms
Chocolate Rain
Good Substitute Teacher
Favorite Relative
Best Teacher
Signs of Fall

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