February 10, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs 2.10.15

A few weeks ago on Tuesday I began my series about Paragraph a Week (PaW), a writing program that was first developed by a group of 5/6th grade teachers in 1998 via a listserv. Since that time other programs similar to it have cropped up. I often wonder if that group's idea was the springboard for these newcomers.

Here are the original 70 topics of the PaW program divided into two categories: single paragraph and multi-paragraph compositions. The single paragraph topics are in the left column while the multi-paragraph topics are in the right. I screen shot the list as it appeared on The Teacher's Desk website back in 2012, thus the titles appear as links. Over the course of many weeks, nearly all of these topics will appear here on The Teacher's Desk 6 blog for FREE.

This week's FREEBIE PaW is all about the upcoming holiday, Valentine's Day. You'll notice that this particular topic focuses on several of the Six + 1 Traits of Writing all at once. The PaW program was cumulative, covering many skills over the course of two years. Now and then a topic would take on a review nature. This is one of those. Click HERE to download your copy of the PaW direction sheet for use in your classroom.

Other PaW FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below.
Earth Day
Mother's Day
Finish the Phrase
National Pencil Month
Topics soon to appear during the Tuesday Writing PaWs:
Parent Introductory Letter
Journey of a Snowflake
Signs of Spring

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