March 17, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs

As PaW (Paragraph a Week) took shape in the late 90's, members of the 5-6Connection shared possible topics on a regular basis. Often the topics reflected "hot trends" in the field of education. One trending topic back in the day was that of school uniforms. Public schools were discussing and/or implementing uniforms for their students. Since I teach in a Catholic school uniforms are not a trend they are a FOUNDATION! They just are!
Our uniforms offer a small variety of color and style.
This week's Writing PaWs is all about uniforms. Should they or shouldn't they be? You can download your PaW instruction sheet HERE.

Other PaW (Paragraph a Week) FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below.
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Topics soon to appear during the Tuesday Writing PaWs:
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