June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I am just lovin' Bloglovin'!!! Hoppin' around and around all the education blogs. I've found a ton of new education blogs to follow and have been reconnected with some from long ago. I've run into new linkies, too! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE linkies! I swear I will never get anything done around the house or with my TpT products now!!!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Carroll over at The First Grade Parade for her Throwback Thursday linky. I'm reposting one of my very first blog posts. It fits nicely with the technology theme of my, er... excuse me, other post from today. Here it is!

February 20, 2013 Way Back Machine: A Lifesaving Website

I use numerous websites to help in planning lessons and selecting activities for all of my classes. I rely heavily on digitized copies of worksheets, and never bother downloading videos or music anymore. Nearly everything I need for teaching is at my fingertips, keyboard, and monitor. However, there is nothing worse than trying to access a favorite website, only to find that it is gone or has been totally revamped.

Never fear! Way Back Machine is here. I stumbled upon this website many years ago. In fact, it was that discovery that firmed my decision to close the teachersdesk.org domain. My old website still exists:

The Original Teacher's Desk is featured on The Way Back Machine from Jan. of 2002 through May of 2012. I can still access most of my old material. Have fun exploring! There are some real treasures there.

Visit the original Teacher's Desk.

The Teacher's Desk 6

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