June 1, 2013


I just love the Currently linky hosted by Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade! If you're not yet a part of it, head on over and link up. It's a great way to meet tons of wonderful education bloggers.

Here's my June CURRENTLY...

LISTENING: Right now all I can hear, even over the TV, are thunder-boomers and the downpour. We have been having intermittent storms all day. The farmers are probably lovin' it since we had been having a slight drought.... betcha that's no more!
LOVING: YIPPEE, I only have to hear that darn, ole alarm clock five, that's right, count 'em... FIVE more times until mid-August.... YES!
THINKING: I wish I had done a load or two of laundry today. It's already piled up and procrastination (definitely my thing) will not whittle it away.
WANTING: I am only halfway through the end of the year paperwork, not to mention the packing and cleaning. We've got a field trip on Monday, Fun Day on Thursday, and a half day on Friday... doesn't leave much time to get 'er done!
NEEDING: I have a screen that needs repaired, then put in the door. There's a cabinet to repurpose, the old one to clean out, then switch the two, and repack the new cabinet... there's TONS of painting to do: hallway, stairway, upstairs ceiling, a second coat in the kitchen... PHEW! Good thing summer vacation is soon here.
3 VACAY ESSENTIALS: 1.) My Kindle... can't wait to sit all day and read if I want. 2.) Flip flops... is there any other kind of shoe to wear in the summer? 3.) NO alarm clock... I won't repeat myself, just look above at LOVING!

Off to add my link and read everyone's CURRENTLY's.

Happy Teaching,
Happy June,
The Teacher's Desk


  1. Flip-flops are the best...and I can't wait to be alarm clock free too! Enjoy your last week with your students!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. I hear you on the laundry! I finally broke down and took a ton of mine to the laundry mat just so I could get a bunch done at once! I have been seriously neglecting my house and laundry this last month of school.


  3. Found you from the Currently. I am your newest follower!! I am looking forward to being able to read for pleasure this summer!!!



  4. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get some laundry done tomorrow ;) I'm your newest follower thanks to Farley's Currently!!! Enjoy your last week of school! :)

    Tales of a Fourth Grade Teacher

  5. Hi Angela:
    As I type this, the laundry is falling over out of the basket! And the rest of the house isn't much better! Seems the house always has to wait until my classroom is packed away...
    We've got a week and a half (nine alarm clocks) and then the JOYS of summer! YIPPEE!
    Glad to be linked up next to you on Currently...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. Ha!! I hate my alarm clock, too!! It's a happy, happy day when I can turn it off. Glad I found your blog - I'm your newest follower. :-)

    From Mrs. Allen’s Teaching Files

  7. I'm with ya on your 3 essentials! :) We could vacay together! ;)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


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