June 24, 2013

Monday Must Have

I have been somewhat remiss and find that I must apologize...

I have blogged about terrific teaching supplies, wonderful web apps, and even my favorite school supply store for my Monday Must Have's, but I have not told you about one of the most, if not THE MOST important must have I have... Ms. Daisy Mae!

Daisy has been my constant companion for the past fourteen years. She came to me via one of my sixth grade students who brought a basket of newborn kittens to show the class one afternoon... and when I say newborn, well.... they were less than a week old, and the cutest little balls of fur you have ever seen. Mama Snuggles was proud to show them off and shared all five of her little ones with us readily. It was that day that I decided I wanted one of her babies... but which one? Time would tell.

That decision was made for me shortly. Snuggles and family visited us each week and we enjoyed watching her babes grow. On the second visit we were able to hold the little ones, and it was then that I noticed one kitten was rather fiesty and vocal... the runt: a teeny, tiny, sassy Tabby. For whatever reason this littlest one decided she liked me. Even though she caterwauled the entire time I held her, she purred and purred as well, constantly rubbing her face against my fingers. Each time that I tried to set her down, she would run back to my hands... too cute! If anyone, even her owners, tried to pick her up, she would struggle and struggle. It was only me that she allowed to hold that day.

By week three the decision had been made... teeny, tiny, sassy Tabby was to be mine! Now for a name. I'm not sure where the idea for Daisy Mae came from, but it came, and it fit her for whatever reason. She learned her name quickly and by week five was actually answering to it since her owners were calling her Daisy Mae at home as well. It was during this same week's visit that I noticed Daisy Mae would answer when I talked to her. Yes, she answered. I would say something to her; she would meow in return... during the entire visit, but only when I spoke to her. If anyone else spoke, she just ignored them. We all got the biggest kick from this behavior.

By week six we all knew that Daisy Mae was made for me. During the weekly visitation, when she was taken from her basket and placed on the floor, she promptly walked over to me, ignoring everyone else, and climbed up my pants leg, settled in my lap, and remained there for the entire fifteen minute stay. When it was time to say goodbye, Daisy cried and cried and carried on terribly. She did not want to leave me. It was verydifficult to keep her in the basket to take her back home.

By week seven, Daisy Mae was ready... she no longer was nursing, she was eating solid foods, and was wild for potato chips... really! So.... after week seven's visitation, Daisy stayed with me while her brothers and sisters went back home. Not once did she look for mama; not once did she cry or show any separation anxiety. She was content!

And for fourteen years she has been my constant companion. She's not so teeny, tiny any more... rather the contrary. However, we still have daily, prolonged conversations, and she still loves potato chips and she still sits on my lap... even now while I'm typing this blog post.

And that's my Monday Must Have for this week... and EVERY week!

Happy Monday,
Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that name, oh! and that face! Way too cute! It was not until I got my own pet that I realized the love between an animal and their owner. I am so attached to my dog, and could not imagine being without him. Sometimes I wonder what other people think when I tell them stories about things he does. "She isn't normal, dogs are not supposed to do that."

    I am so glad you two have each other!

    Lil Bit Country In the Classroom

  2. What a sweet cat! I love her name. :-) My cat and I also have daily conversations...I'm so glad other cats "talk" to their owners as well! A perfect "must-have."

    Craft of Teaching


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