June 17, 2013

It's Monday so...

... it's time for Must Have's. I'm linking up with Sabra over at Teaching with a Touch of Twang for this week's Monday Must Have linky.

I missed last week's link-up; how quickly one gets into vacation mode! I didn't realize Monday had come and gone until Wednesday... LOL! AND... I almost missed Monday this week; however, I happened to see a couple of posts this evening on Facebook about "hating Mondays" so I quickly jumped on my computer to visit my blog!

SOOOOOO, what is something that I must have? Well, the list is as long as my arm, but one thing that has made teaching easier as well as my home life is...

I think I probably spend more money at our local store than any other customer. Most of the clerks know me, not by name but as THAT TEACHER from ST. JOHN SCHOOL. I clean my home, store my food, stock my medicine cabinet, and supply my classroom with items from Dollar Tree. It is this last area for which I REALLY MUST HAVE Dollar Tree. 

This is last year's back-to-school list of things that I purchased for my classroom from the Dollar Tree (they have an AWESOME Teacher's section):

decorative pencils for my prize bin
pencils, pens for myself and extras for students who forget theirs
decorative erasers for my prize bin
bookmarks for awards and birthday prizes
pencil sharpeners
Sharpie markers
push pins
large and small colored paper clips
decorative file folders
post-it notes, and more post-it notes, and still more post-it notes
construction paper
computer paper
photograph paper
poster board
tri-fold boards
index cards
LOTS of plastic bins for storing materials
bouncy balls for gym class
tennis balls for gym class
jump ropes for gym class
hula hoops for gym class
bulletin board borders
bulletin board cut-out pieces
bulletin board letters
cursive alphabet bulletin board pieces
teaching posters: capitalization, punctuation rules; periodic table and common elements; simple machines
cursive alphabet stickers
periodic table stickers
parts of speech stickers
printables for parts of a cell and a microscope
ready to use literacy centers for synonyms, Greek Roots, inferencing
printables for writing prompts

This is just what I remember from off the top of my head. I know there was more, and I purchased items throughout the year, especially for my gr. 6 Science class (I won't go into all those items here). 

I think it's quite easy to see why the Dollar Tree is one of my Monday Must Have's.

Happy Shopping,
Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6


  1. LOL! That's my problem, Brandee, I hit the mother lode EVERYTIME I go! I wonder if there's a Dollar Tree Anonymous organization for folks like me!

    Have a great week,


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