June 21, 2013

Decluttering provides a Literacy FREEBIE

I usually spend the first couple of weeks of summer break doing mega-cleaning and decluttering of my house... all those chores I never have time for during the school year. So far I've managed to complete the living room and most of the kitchen. Today's project was the dining room, but the gremlin that resides in my house decided to wreak havoc with my schedule by breaking the downstairs' bathroom's toilet (this room was not on the cleaning list because I was planning on painting it during July). Thank goodness for my niece's husband who quickly fixed the problem, but discovered another: darn toilet tank had been slowly leaking because the anchor bolts had rusted away... soooooooooo, I have a nice damp mess to attend to, as in bathroom rug needs to be removed.

Mind you, this is a room not much larger than a high school student's locker in which I have managed to store an impossibly large amount of STUFF. I can turn around in it while standing up, but having to kneel and reach behind the toilet is next to impossible. I've removed everything from the room, as in beauty products, paper products, cleaning products, etc., and placed them in the adjoining room... the very same kitchen that had already been decluttered. ARRRGGHH!

Therefore, as a means of mega-cleaning and decluttering my frustrated little mind I decided to put the bathroom to the side for an hour and hop on my computer. I'm happily typing away, working on updating teaching materials, blog hopping, and playing games... I can squeeze A LOT into an hour!

One item that I came across was a Literature Circle foldable that I had developed and used a couple of years ago. It is actually part of a larger Literature Circles packet that I offer in my TpT Store. If you use Literature Circles in your classroom or are thinking of incorporating them, my packet has a lot of great starter materials and forms. You can read more about the packet and see a couple of preview pics by clicking HERE.

I added a little color to the foldable, aligned it to the CCSS for ELA and voila... here it is for you as a FREEBIE. I wanted something nice for you since you've spent the time listening to my rant. Just click on the pic to download it.

DRATS! The hour is up and I must get back to work.... but I'll be back!

Happy Cleaning (NOT!),
Happy Teaching,
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  1. Thank you for this! It is exactly what I have been looking for. I was hoping someone had already made something like this (so I wouldn't have to!) Thank you!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

    1. You are VERY welcome, Bethany! I'm so glad you'll find some use for this. I was actually feeling a little guilty procrastinating. Now I can justify my "playing" around. LOL!


  2. Very cute freebie, Angela. I love fodables--they are so useful!
    Autism Classroom News


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