June 18, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Worksheet 6.18.14

I'm joining both Miss DeCarbo from Sugar and Spice for her Wordless Wednesday linky (although I've use quite a few words this week) and The Teaching Tribune for their Worksheet Wednesday linky.

Do you use worksheets in your classroom? What kind? How often?

I don't use a lot of traditional worksheets, per se, in my classroom. Most of the handouts that I use are for interactive notebooks, craftivities, tests/quizzes, or project packets. A typical worksheet that I do use might look like the one pictured below.

I often use songs/poems as a springboard for practicing specific skills. Above is pictured one such worksheet. After my sixers had finished studying pronouns this is how I asked them to practice the skill as homework. On the worksheet they found the lyrics to a song and a directed question or two. The QR Code in the upper right hand corner as well as the shortened URL whisked them away to the actual song performed by One Direction. They were able to listen as they learned. Heck, they may even have whistled while they worked---sheet!

Feel free to download the worksheet HERE or by clicking on the pic if you'd like your own copy to use in your classroom.

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  1. Oh I absolutely love to use music in the classroom. It is so engaging for students. I really love that you included a link to the actual song. Way better than me trying to sing it for the couple kids that can't seem to remember the song. :) {Sometimes I think they are just saying it to trick me into singing to them- even fourth graders like to be sang to!} Thanks for sharing this freebie! I already pinned it! :)

    Funky in Fourth

  2. How fun!!! I bet your students loved this activity!!! One of my goals this summer is to figure out how to do a QR code...

  3. That's such a great idea!!!! SUPER CREATIVE, too!!! It's also very relevant to the students! I need to follow you so I have other middle school bloggers to learn things from. :) Thank you for stopping by earlier today! :)
    Mixing it Up in Middle!


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