June 9, 2014

Monday Meet Up and Anchors Away

Happy Monday to one and all! Summer break has finally begun here in my neck of the woods. That means there's time to blog, do all the things I want to do, and just plain relax. The contributors over at The Teaching Tribune have created  a fun set of interactive posts to help us fill our lazy days of summer. Each day of the week has a specific theme. Mondays are reserved for meeting new bloggers or becoming better acquainted with familiar friends.

For this week's Meet Up I partnered with one of favorite bloggers, Deb from Crafting Connections. I met Deb late last summer when I discovered her blog by accident. A word in her post title caught my attention: CRAFTIVITY. Boy am I glad I stopped to read! Meeting Deb energized my teaching, helped my student teacher plan terrific lessons, and brought a new friend into my life.

Deb is a super, sweet bloggy friend, a dedicated mom and wife, and a super TpT Seller. I hope someday to be able to meet her in person! If you aren't following Deb's TpT Store go there now and check out all her terrific products. Then come back and enjoy Anchors Away, the linky that Deb hosts each week featuring great anchor charts to use in your classroom.

For Anchors Away this week, I am sharing my Anchor Chart Pinterest Board. I've been collecting anchor chart pins for nearly two years now and have quite a variety. Some I have recreated for use in my classroom while others I've used as a springboard for my own ideas. Some I've even displayed as a digital image on the Smartboard. I hope that you find something on my board that you can use. Anchors Away!

Follow Angela's board Anchor Charts on Pinterest.

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  1. Thank you for the kind introduction, Angela! I am so glad that you found me last year, too! Thank you for being such a faithful friend and linking up again, too! I've never had a Smartboard in my classroom, but they work in a way similar to PowerPoint, right? What a great idea to display some of the amazing photos of anchor charts on Pinterest as a digital image on your Smartboard!!!!


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