June 23, 2014

Anchors Away and Monday Meet Up 6.23.14

I'm once again joining my sweet, bloggy friend Deb from Crafting Connections for her weekly linky...

This begins my third week of summer break. If you are a teacher and are like me, then you are already planning lessons, units, etc. for the next school year. I was poking through all my boards on Pinterest just seeking inspiration when I came across this idea for a really neat anchor chart:

I really like how the author uses color as part of the editing/revising process. That alone turns a ho-hum, routine process into a more enjoyable activity. I also like how the author has a balance of positive and negative revisions, meaning that items that are present are marked as well as items that are missing.

This is a chart that I am going to use with all of my ELA classes. I am going to tweak it just a bit using the PURPLE category as a changeable one. Depending on the skill(s) that we are focusing on, I could have this category color focus on figurative language one week or vivid verbs another. Perhaps instead of a single chart such as the one displayed, I might make individual signs per color to hang in a display. This would make it much easier to change a color's focus. There is also the possibility of using a pocket chart with sentence strips, one or two per color.

Do any of you use a similar editing/revising system? Do you have any suggestions for displaying this type of "anchor chart" other than as a single sheet of paper? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I am also joining The Teaching Tribune for their fourth Monday Meet Up of the summer.

Looking ahead to Thursday, come and join me for...

Poke through your PURR-fect Previous Posts (pins, pictures included) and re-post them for all to see once again! This is the PURR-fect linky for a lazy summer day because it requires little preparation.

Hope to see you all on Thursday!


  1. I have always wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore! Now I know what else to check out if/when I go :)

    Surprisingly Seventh/

  2. Love the rainbow editing anchor chart! It would be fun to give students a mini version for their writing notebooks.
    Diary of a Note So Wimpy Teacher

  3. I too love potato chips and absolutely refuse to buy them, not even for special occasions! What is it about the salty, crunchy, oily goodness that makes one go hog wild?
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  4. I haven't been to SD since I was a child, but clearly remember visiting Mt. Rushmore. One day I hope to take my own children. It is a beautiful place!

    I {Heart} Recess

  5. I love the rainbow editing chart, too! Like you mentioned, I really like how students are required to look for things they are proud of (interesting words) as well as things they need to fix (misspelled words). I like your plan to change the purple depending upon what your focusing on, too!

    I love the Black Hills, too! It's just 6 short hours for me to visit!! Did you ever visit any of the caves out there? I am absolutely fascinated by caves, and I loved our tour of Jewel Cave! When we were out there 3 years ago, we were there on the one weekend where they let you hike to Crazy Horse's arm, so we have a cool family picture right by his enormous face! If you ever get a chance to do that, you would LOVE it! I believe it's the first weekend in June!

  6. Netflix is absolute awesomeness. I can binge watch TV shows too. I could down a whole tube of Pringle's in one sitting and now feel guilty about it...at all. Plain ones of course! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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