June 20, 2014

Five for Friday Favorites 6.20.14

I'm once again joining my bloggy friend Chandra from Teaching with Crayons and Curls for her weekly linky...

Hmm? The question is what should I share as my favorite find of the week; I have several for a change...five as a matter of fact... so I am also joining Doodlebugs for...

First, I think I'll share the great deal I found on the IKEA Tolsby frames on eBay. I got a box of thirty for under 25 dollars with free shipping... that is less than what I would've paid for them at IKEA. WOOT! WOOT!

I used these little wonders as table signs last year. On one side was the table number and on the other an inspirational quote. I switched out the quotes periodically throughout the year and used them as discussion or writing starters.

This year I'm planning on using the frames to showcase my anchor charts. I've already given the older ones a facelift by spray painting them gold. They turned out really nice!

I just do not have the wall space to hang the myriad anchor charts we create in class (three different sections of middle school ELA). I saw an idea on Pinterest that uses the Tolsby frame with miniaturized (take a photo and resize) anchor charts. I can line-up the frames along the narrow window ledge, and the anchor charts will be readily available for any student to peruse.

Next, I also have several non-teaching finds. First, well, really second,  I received the prettiest copper colored nail polish in my June Julep shipment (check out the Julep Maven program if you haven't already... just click HERE for more info.) LOVIN' it!

And second/third?... I bought a purse! EGADS! Me, who said she would never carry a purse again! When I quit smoking fourteen years ago I no longer NEEDED to carry a purse, so I turned to a lady's wallet instead. I could even slip my keys and cell phone inside of it.  Now that I have a Smartphone I can no longer just stick it in my wallet or pocket. It's just too large. So I splurged and bought a Vera Bradley. I used it for the first time this past Thursday and received three compliments, one of them from my grown nephew... surprise! I'm glad that I bought it!

Next up is not so much a find, but definitely a favorite... a favorite that is until it is FIVE O'CLOCK in the morning. How does one retrain fur babies to a summer schedule???? This week they finally have let me go back to sleep after feeding them.

Fifth and finally, I leave you with a little bit of Ohio sweetness... one of the best parts of summer! I forgot to snap a few shots of the aftermath... DELICIOUS strawberry jam, which by the way I have eaten each morning this week as part of my breakfast! YUM!

Don't forget to stop by Chandra's blog to read about all the great finds we teachers have found this week and Doodlebugs for some teacher randomness and fun on a Friday!

Also don't forget to participate in my Mystery Picture Bundle giveaway going on now through June 22, 2014. Visit this blog post for your chance to enter.


  1. Well aren't you smart to have looked for those frames on eBay! Instead of doing that I just whined all last summer that I wasn't near an Ikea. Lol! Love your new Vera bag. I bought three Veras this week on sale on eBay. Can't ignore a good sale!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. There is no IKEA within a reasonable driving distance so I checked to see if online ordering was available. There is and I did some damage there; however these little frames can not be ordered via online services... go figure! Ebay to the rescue:)

  2. We look our kitties up at night in one of our bathrooms (we don't use it, so it's all theirs). This stops them from jumping on our stomach, scratching at our door and meowing uncontrollably. So they eat when we wake up lol. We have done this since they were babies so they are totally used to it.

    The Resource Teacher

    1. I should've been smart all those years ago like you. Actually all they do is sit near the edge of the bed and stare. Occasionally they will reach up to pat my face and make a VERY quiet meow. I call it their pitiful waif act... I just can't resist and THEY KNOW IT!

  3. Oh, I love those frames! I pick up a few every time I go to IKEA, but you scored an AWESOME deal!!! Jealous!!

    1. I AM JEALOUS... the closest IKEA is a three hour drive. I do my shopping online. I'd rather shop in person. I love looking at all their displays.

  4. My fur babies (the two older ones) will come and sit on my bed and just stare at me. Maybe they think mind control will wake me up?? My newest fur baby stays locked in her own room at night, for now. Hopefully soon the older two will stop hissing at her. I love cats, especially tabbies!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Mind control... that's it! I knew there was something since I can NOT just ignore them. LOL! This past December I brought a new baby into our home. .. TEN LONG WEEKS later, we had the first day with NO fighting. How long have you had your new baby?

      I think I may be coming the neighborhood crazy cat woman:)


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