June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today I'm joining Chandra over at Teaching with Crayons and Curls for her brand new linky...

During the school year I am not the best of eaters. By this I mean I grab what I can when I can, be it fast food, junk food, or a dinner out. Seldom do I shop for or cook nutritional, REAL food. It takes too much time and effort for just one person and two furry babies as far as I'm concerned! Plus, there is the mess to clean up!

I sooooo look forward to summer break, not just for the time off, but for the time to search out, buy, and prepare wholesome food. I still don't cook much (it's those pots and pans, I'm telling ya!) but I do eat well! One of my summer favorites is all the readily available fruit. Two days straight I've gone shopping for a variety of sweet, yummy fruit. Two days straight I've made beautiful fruit salads to take to my friends' houses for dinner (another summer favorite: being able to leisurely visit with friends neglected during the school year). Here's one of the delicious treats I whipped up this week.

Doesn't this look yummy? Not to mention, healthy? And one more favorite... notice the beautiful bowl the fruit is in? I have time once again to poke around at flea markets and garage sales for pink depression glass and other, unusual older glassware. LOVE the stuff! I've been collecting it for more than twenty-five years (and am running out of space to store it). I'm itching to find a new piece to add to my collection.

Don't forget to visit Chandra's blog, Teaching with Crayons and Curls, to see what other favorites our fellow teacher bloggers have to share.


  1. That fruit looks DELICIOUS!!!! Such a perfect time to eat yummy fruit! I totally feel you on the pots and plans, my sink seems to stay full of dirty dishes!!! Thank you so much for linking up!

  2. I love going to garage sales and looking for antique-y things too! What fun it is to be able to do this on a Friday no less! :)


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