August 3, 2013

Saturday Snapshots piZapped

I'm once again linking up with Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera for her Saturday Snapshots linky.

I've had some more fun playing around with snapshots again this week. Last Saturday, I introduced Get Loupe. I decided to revisit the website and see what else I could learn. There are a lot of options and fun things that you can do to manipulate your photos at this site. Here's another collage from all the snapshots on my computer that I made of my favorite subject, Miss DaisyMae done with Get Loupe. LOVE the shape! Other shapes that you can choose to arrange your photos in are an airplane, an apple, a giraffe, a bunny, a bird, a car, and on and on! I played for well over an hour, changing the shape and just having fun! I discovered that you can all arrange your photo collage into a text shape. Click the "T" for text tool, type in a bit of text (limited number of characters), and click. Your collage will be in the shape of the characters.
AND here's yet another snapshot of my favorite subject, Miss DaisyMae. I had been trying to capture my wee one sticking her mug in the air stream from the a/c unit. She looks absolutely hysterical. However, she was not cooperating this evening. After about eight or nine attempts she gave me this look. You can actually read what she is thinking from her expression... she is not happy with  me!

Notice my nasty feet are in the shot. I love the expression on Daisy's face. It is quintessential DaisyMae. However, I do NOT like my feet sticking out on either side of her. I uploaded the original to piZap, an online photo editing tool that I actually found via the Google Chrome app store. I installed an extension into my Chrome browser and can go there with a simple click. There are some VERY fun special effects and options that you can do with this website. Among them, removing backgrounds from photos and exchanging them with artistically designed backgrounds.

I simply selected "Edit a photo" from the menu and followed a few onscreen prompts to "paint" Daisy's image. It was a bit tricky at first, and I did need to use the eraser quite a bit. Eventually I got the hang of "painting" and succeeded. After "painting" the original, Daisy was selected, the rest of the photograph removed, and framed with a new background. Again it's just a  matter of following a few onscreen prompts and making selections much as you would when working with a word processor or blog editor. Here's what my new photo looked like.

You can then continue manipulating your creation with all kinds of special effects. This is not Photoshop or some other professional editor that requires many steps. It really is just click and go. Here are just a few of the effects that I chose...

Papyrus effect
Simple black and white
With a frame

Before I left piZap I did explore one more area: Facebook Cover Photos. Again, another fun feature. Upload a photo, use one from Facebook, or stored online elsewhere, center it, manipulate it and VOILA! You've the perfect cover photo for your Facebook page. See my new cover photo...

I'll be going into my classroom this coming Thursday for the first time since June 7th. I'm hoping to spend Thursday and Friday setting up my classroom so next Saturday I should have snapshots of my classroom, all cuted up with polka dots and Monsters!

Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6


  1. Thanks Angela for always suggesting new apps. Love all of your pictures this week.

  2. That is so fun! I'm going to check that out!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. Get Loupe looks awesome! I will have to check that out!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. LMBO! You're right - I can tell EXACTLY what that adorable cat is thinking by the look on her face. Thanks for the app tip!

    Surviving Sixth Grade


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