August 5, 2013

Monday Made It and a FREEBIE

I'm once again linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her Monday Made It linky!

This week I've been busy working on things that cute-ify my classroom but are also useful. First up is something that many of you have also made... glitterized clothespins. Simple and quick to make, all that's required is clothespins, glitter, and ModPodge (loooove this stuff). Just spread the ModPodge with a brush on the pin where you want the glitter to be. Sprinkle the glitter over the ModPodge and let dry. One more coat of ModPodge over the glitter will set it and keep it from shedding. I chose to just glitterize half of the pin. On the other half I wrote the names of all my 5th and 6th grade Language Arts students so that the pins could be used as part of my Writing Process Clip Chart (last week's Monday Made It).

Something else I made this week was a set of table signs. I had seen these on several blogs and on Pinterest earlier in the summer. Having found out that the sign frames came from IKEA I was thoroughly disappointed. The nearest IKEA to me is nearly a three hour drive, and because the frames only cost 99 cents they are not available for purchase online. I decided I REALLY wanted these signs. They are just TOOOOO cute! Ebay was my next stop. I  was able to get nine white signs for twenty dollars... not as cheap as at IKEA but what I paid in excess was definitely less than what I would've spent on gas.

On the front of my signs are cute, colorful monsters from MyCuteGraphics welcoming students to the table. I found the fluffy ribbons in my room colors at The Dollar Tree... two to a card... and popped them on top of the sign. On the back of the signs are anonymous quotes that I found on Pinterest. These quotes will serve as talking points for group discussions with my fifth and sixth graders and a writing lesson for my eighth graders.

I also worked on MANY new items for my classroom, all of them in my cute polka dot/monster theme and all of them available in my TpT Store. I finished my Six Traits posters, Sentence types posters, and CAFE signs. Next up are genre posters and grouping cards. If you'd like a copy of my CAFE signs they are a FREEBIE available HERE or by clicking on the graphic.

Happy Teaching,
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  1. I love your table signs! Great idea using the other side for a quote. I'm thinking about adding this project to my to do list.

    Thank you,

    Melissa Kaylor :)

    Fourth Grade Lab

  2. Oh...I need to check out those frames on Ebay. I have been drooling over them. I've never been to an IKEA and the closet one is in Atlanta 5 1/2 hours away.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. You are way ahead of me when it comes to setting up your classroom. I need to get on it this week.

    1. I had a friend and a grand niece who helped me so my work was cut in third this year. They are returning this week to help me finish. They are lifesavers!

  4. I love the idea of putting glitter on only half of the clothespin so you can put student names on the rest! Your clothespins look so cute it makes me want to do some for my own classroom. I have a serious love of glittery things!
    I also love how you used your little IKEA signs. I bought some last year and have them in strategic places in my room, they really are great as little reminders!

    1. I appreciate your kind words, Sidney! I like your idea of using the signs as strategic reminders. I actually had to buy nine of them so there are a few leftover. I'm going to use your idea for my center table and art supply area for sure! Thanks!

  5. I love your clothespins - I have not done mine yet and I am glad I saw yours first! Those frames are great - I think I see a trip to IKEA in my near future :)

    1. Good luck with your pins! My 12 year old grand niece helped me do mine and we had such fun! She made a dozen or so for herself! lol! Oh, to be able to make a trip to IKEA! The nearest one to me is just toooooo far away... sigh!


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