August 30, 2013

Five for Friday and Saturday Snapshots Rolled into One

FIRST UP... The sixth graders worked on their hands project. I love how they are turning out. I had hoped to have it all assembled by today, but alas... I ran out of time... sigh... the story of my life! It will all be completed in time for Meet the Teacher Night next Wednesday! IT WILL BE DONE!!!!!

NEXT... We worked on setting up our interactive Language Arts notebooks. I'm using them in all three of my Language Arts classes.

THIRD... We had our family/alumni opening school Mass and picnic earlier in the week. Get a load of the mug on this one, would ya? What kind of face is that? Yes, this is me. I generally lead the singing during our school worship services.

FOURTH... My poor cat has been lonely since I went back to school. Every time I try to do something on my computer she is right there, by my feet, yowling away, trying to convince me to go sit in my her chair so she can curl up in my lap.

FIFTH... It has been sooooooo hot lately! We have literally been melting at school. It's not so much the temperature that is unbearable; it is the dew point and humidity. It feels more tropical in NE Ohio than it does in Florida.  It is so hot that DaisyMae likes to stick her face in the a/c unit to cool off. What a crazy cat!

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's Five for Friday's and seeing all the great snapshots this week. I've not had much time to visit bloggyland since school started. I've missed everyone.

Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6


  1. I love the kitty pics!
    I also love that you teach at a Catholic school like I do! :) Yay for connections!!

  2. Angela:
    That last picture is hysterical! We've been melting in the heat. It was 92 degrees in my classroom today. I am hoping it will cool down by Tuesday when the kids arrive!
    Sending you "cool" thoughts too!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Love your kitty! I think it is awesome you all have a worship service and you lead singing! I have never been brave enough or can I sing lol

    Math Madness

  4. DaisyMae acts like my little ones. My dogs won't leave my side when I get home. I loved your pics this week. I wish I knew how to play an instrument. Those hand projects look cool.


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