August 17, 2013

Get Ready, Get Set: Pin It to Win It! TpT B2S Sale!

It's nearly here... less than 24 hours away! The huge TpT Back to School Sale! 

I don't know about you, but I've got my shopping cart already filled with terrific teaching products ready to check out once the sale is in full swing. When you checkout, be sure to use the promo code BTS13 to earn TpT's 10% savings on all your purchases. Depending on what sales individual shop owners are offering, you can earn up to a 28% savings! LOVIN' this!!!

I'm offering a 20% discount on EVERY item in my store. That means when you order products from The Teacher's Desk 6 you will receive the full 28% discount. How does this work?

Say that you decide you'd like to purchase this item from my store, Year 'Round Mystery Picturesa set of 24 color by skill sheets that normally sells for $12.00. (This price is already a 50% discount.)

On August 18th and 19th it is available with a 20% discount... $12.00 - $2.40 discount= $9.60. Wow, that's a good deal! But wait....

TpT is offering an additional 10% discount if you use the promo code BTS13 at checkout. Applying the 10% discount to the discounted price of $9.60 results in the even lower price of $8.64 for a total discount of 28%... SUPER, SUPER deal! Right?

Some other SUPER deals you can find...

Super Bundle of Ten Literacy Centers for Upper Elementary... $4.14 (that's less than 42 cents per center. These normally sell for one dollar each!)

GET THIS... there are more than 50 items available in my store for just 72 cents!!!


Sales are great, but FREE is better! 
Pin It to Win It!
Visit my TpT Store before August 19th 7:00AM Eastern Time and pin an item that you would like to own. Leave a blog comment below including the pin address and your email address. Go ahead and pin more than one item. Just be sure to include each item in its own comment. Shortly after the deadline I'll randomly draw a number. The writer of the comment matching the number drawn will WIN the ITEM pinned! There will still be time for you who don't receive their pinned choice free to still purchase it at the low, low sale price!

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Pinning!
I can't wait to see what items you'd like to win in my shop!

Happy Shopping,
Happy Teaching,
The Teacher's Desk 6



    I would love to have this item in my classroom this year. I could see my kids having a lot of fun with it.


    These would help greatly with poetry.
    Toni Nicholson


    Toni Nicholson


    My room is black & white theme this year. These would be great to have.

    Toni Nicholson


    Toni Nicholson


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