August 16, 2013

Freebie Friday and BTS TPT Sale!

The Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers is coming up this weekend. 

To celebrate and prepare for it, some fabulous bloggers have put together a fun linky where you share two of the most wishlisted items in your store and one item that is on your own wishlist.

Here are the items in my store most often placed on wishlists.

Common Core Task Cards for Informational Text Classroom Magazines Grade 6

These task cards are designed to be used in place of traditional worksheets. They can be used as a learning center, for small group instruction, or a whole class assignment. Simply print the cards, laminate or place them in a small photo album, and the cards are ready to use. If using them as a whole class assignment, project them on a SmartBoard or large screen TV. Use your imagination; match the needs of your students.

Common Core Latin and Greek Roots/Stems grs. 5/6

Knowledge of Greek and Latin roots/stems can strengthen a student’s vocabulary and help to increase his/her test scores as well as reading comprehension. The Common Core State Standards for ELA in grs. 5 and 6 include in the Language Standards: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use #4b: Use common grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word.

During approximately the first week of this unit, the activity requires students to research one particular stem/root, locate many words containing it, then create a visual aid displaying the words. Online research and posting of information is encouraged.

During the subsequent weeks of this unit, students will be assigned a weekly list of Spelling words compiled from the first week's work. It is suggested that no less than four weeks be spent on learning the Greek and Latin stems/roots. Practice activities should be assigned that will encourage students to learn not just the spelling of these words, but also the meaning of them. These activities should be chosen by the classroom teacher to meet the needs of the students. Particular attention should be given to learning the meaning of each stem/root and how it relates to the meaning of the word.

Personalized Teacher Materials: Option #2

Created by Kathleen Amari-Crookston of Middle Grades Maven, this set of clip art can be used to personalize newsletters and classroom materials. The clip art is meant to look similar to you (there are 15 options to choose from; I look most like #2) and includes:

1. Personalized teacher- blank sign on easel
2. Personalized teacher- blank sign on Smart Board
3. Personalized teacher-blank sign on clipboard
4. Personalized teacher-newsletter with full teacher on bottom of page
5. Personalized teacher-newsletter with top half of teacher on top of page
6. Personalized teacher-stationary with lines
7. Personalized teacher-blank stationary

Make sure to shop the Back to School sale this weekend to clear off your wishlist! Everything in my store will be 20% off - plus Teachers Pay Teachers offers an extra 10% off when you enter promo code BTS13. Be sure to use the code when you checkout so you earn great savings.


Sales are terrific, but FREE is always better! I've got a little Back to School FREEBIE for you on this Friday. It's a Take Three. Take Threes are brainstorming, idea gathering list activities wherein students think of three things associated with a particular item(s). The Take Three can be a stand alone activity or serve as a pre-cursor to a writing assignment. They make great time fillers and don't even really need to be printed on paper. You can display them on a SmartBoard, write them on a chalkboard/whiteboard, or simply call them aloud... easily adaptable! You can download a copy of Back to School Take Three HERE or by clicking on the graphic below.

Freebie Fridays
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
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