August 2, 2013

August Currently

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Listening: My family (niece, grand niece and grand nephew) has been with me all day, since around 7:30 this morning. We planned an outing to the West Side Market in Cleveland (monthly trip) today and then dinner at Auntie's house this evening... crock pot Beef Broccoli thrown together before we left this morning. It has been non-stop laughter and shenanigans all day... good for the soul but not for the head...two aspirin and quiet time in the other room typing this post... LOL!

Loving: The weather in NE Ohio has been PERFECT... at least perfect for me. Partly sunny, cool, breezy with temps in the mid-70's. There are NO complaints from this gal! Sure wish I could bottle this weather and bring it out for the start of school, because sure as shootin' come the first day we will have the hottest temps we've had all summer... NEVER fails!

Thinking: Enough said.

Wanting: I look around my hovel and cringe. I have piles of STUFF everywhere! Granted it is school stuff and will be moving out starting next week, but.... arrrgh! It's really bad when I start complaining about it 'cause I'm a bit of a slob! What you see here is from a couple of weeks ago. It's MUCH worse now!

Needing: My house needs to be painted; however, I am NOT going to do it this time. I spent the summers of 2000 and 2001 painting my house. I do NOT want to be on a ladder again. I do NOT want to use a scraper again. However, I do not have the money to hire someone to do the job. Meanwhile... my house is beginning to look YUCKY!

B2S Must Haves: Numero Uno is sticky tack or something similar so that I can hang up posters, anchor charts, and all the new decor I created this summer in my classroom.

A second must have is as many pens, pencils, and markers in as many colors as I can find. I use them for everything, from grading papers to writing notes, from making games to writing anchor charts. I LOVE pens, pencils, and markers. There, I've said it! And the third must have is a comfortable pair of shoes. Last spring I discovered Skechers Go Walks... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! No more heel pain, no more calf pain, and even less knee pain. Since spring I've bought four pair and will get another this fall... just heard they came out with leather ones. Can't wait!

Happy Teaching,
The Teachers Desk 6


  1. Great list! I was so excited when I found mounting putty in the $1 section at Target - I use it on EVERYTHING!

  2. Your new decor is precious! Love the bright colors!

  3. I have an obsession with blue Sticky Tac or as I call it Ticky Tacky. My bestie and I have a ball the size of a tennis ball that we keep in a Tupperware container. It is used almost daily.


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