July 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Teacher Binders

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I am trying something new this year. I teach so many sections of Language Arts/English as well as other subjects that it sometimes becomes a bit challenging to keep papers, materials, plans organized. I decided that instead of using a single lesson plan book that I am going to a binder system this year- one binder per section that I teach. I will have a master schedule affixed to my desk to which I can refer and I can keep everything that I need for each section in its individual binder.

How do you keep your plans and instructional materials organized?


  1. I'm not sure! I'm moving into a new position so my classroom teacher ways are out the door and I feel lost! lol :) I am going to wing it for a few weeks until I get a lay of the land and have a better idea of what my intervention schedule will be like.

  2. This would be so tough, to keep everything organized for that many sections! I use one binder for all my plans, and then store my files by subject and lesson/unit, but I teach first so it's a bit of a different beast. While I still have to teach all of the subjects, I don't think I have as many materials as you. You could make this really fun and have color coded labels for everything!!
    Good luck!
    Flipping into First

  3. I use a binder too. I teach 2nd grade so it's one class all day. I would imagine the different binders for each section like you set up would be great for someone teaching multiple classes. I also have a little binder obsession so I really like to use them for anything!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  4. I teach kindergarten and I have several ways to organize my things, depending on what it is. Sometimes in bins, sometimes in ziplocs in bins, sometimes in binders, as well as organized electronic files-- they take up less space! It sounds like your binder system will work, though when they start to get too thick, you might try to keep some files on your computer. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  5. BINDERS are my life!! I keep everything in binders. I practically have a binder for each part of our day! I also keep ELA and math materials in binders... not more jammed filing cabinets full of manila folders!


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