July 2, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece #tptsellerchallenge Week 3

It's hard to believe that this is already the third week of the #tptsellerchallenge. Hosted by Ashley from Teach Create Motivate and her best blogging buddies, the challenge has asked us participants to makeover a TpT product, share our dreams about our TpT stores, and now, for this week, create a masterpiece... a brand new product!

Drum roll, please.......... TaDa, my masterpiece(s) featuring my brand new theme!

I am so excited to share these new products. For the past several years I have been utilizing a teal, green, purple polka dot theme in my classroom. My "stuff" looked like this.

I am switching classrooms this year. We have had a major addition to our school: a brand new gymnasium along with ten brand new classrooms. Although I am not moving into a brand new classroom (these have been reserved for our high school grades) I am moving into a different classroom with different accent colors. I decided to switch it up by changing my classroom theme to better suit my NEW room, thus my new BRIGHT TWEENS themed products.

First up: Steps for the End of the Day Poster Set

Contained in this packet are cards with various posters for ending the day smoothly. Use them to create an attractive room display that will help your students develop an effective dismissal procedure. Featuring a Bright Tweens theme, each has an attractive border in either red, blue, orange, or green and are especially suitable for the middle grades.

Here's how it works:

1. Determine the procedures for your dismissal. Over a dozen possible steps are provided in this packet. Pick and choose those that will be most effective in your classroom, or if you need others, there are blank cards upon which you may write. Included also is a Power Point file with cards that can be edited on your computer.
2. Print the cards that you need.
3. Cut around the outer edges of each card.
4. Laminate the cards for durability.
5. Arrange the cards in your chosen order and affix them to a wall, door, or bulletin board; or slip them into a pocket chart.
6. Refer to these steps daily at the beginning of the year until an established routine is formed. Then use the display as a reminder when needed.

Next up: Writing Process Clip Chart for Big Kids

In this packet you will find six posters detailing the steps of the Writing Process. The descriptors on each poster are perfect for older students, TWEENS.

The steps I've included are...


Simply print the pages and laminate them for durability. Arrange the steps vertically in order, attaching them with ribbon or tape. Then hang them in a prominent yet accessible place.

To use the clip chart, write the name of each student on a clothespin or special clip. As students work on their writing, they place their markers on the poster that corresponds to the step on which they are working. You can see at a glance where each student is in the writing process.

Both are available in my TpT Store. Just click on the links above or visit my store and check out my Recent Products. Speaking of recent... just as I completed this blog post, I also completed a new product in this line: Bright Tween Grouping Cards. Be one of the first to check it out HERE. I LOVE grouping cards and use them for all sorts of activities, from forming Literature Circle groups to groups for STEM projects.

Be sure to also check out additional #tptsellerchallenge masterpieces by visiting Ashley over at Teach Create Motivate.


  1. I love your new theme colors Angela! Your stuff looks AMAZING! I love your end of the day packet...that time of day always ends up a little crazy for me! :) Good luck getting your new room together!
    Moore to Learn

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Kristen! I can't wait to do this move. I am currently in the "new" wing of our building and am moving into the original 1920's portion... gorgeous wooden floors and trim! LOVE! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I really like your tweens. I hope you enjoy your new room, and hopefully someone helps you move all your stuff to your new room too.

    1. Thank you for your support, Amy! You always brighten my day! My hulking nephews (can you say all over 6'3"?) have volunteered to help old auntie. They'll have me moved spit spat!


  3. Great colour choices! Enjoy your new classroom too!

    1. Thanks, Angela (great name, BTW!) For once, I am looking forward to a move!



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