July 10, 2015

A VERY Random Five for Friday

 My wonderful, handsome, loving nephew steam-cleaned my carpets this past weekend! LOVE him!

 I'm getting ready for another round of jam making. I thought I would only be making two batches of these beauties...

... but look what my niece and I found this afternoon... TONS of them... in her backyard (she just moved to this house during the winter).

 My fuzz girls LOVE having me home! They would sit on my lap ALL day long if I would let them. Here they had been sitting for two hours with no sign of movement... good thing I LOVE to read!

Not sure what I'm doing yet, but I am on Periscope. Come and follow me... I might figure it out one day! LOL!

The school shopping has officially begun!!!!

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  1. Angela,

    I have been hearing a lot about periscope and I must join! Your cats are super cute too :). What books are you reading this summer? I need to add to my list. Hop on over to my brand new blog :). I am a newbie!

    1. I am a bit partial to my fuzz girls so I do have to agree with you there. Your blog is coming along nicely! KUDOS! I enjoyed your post about periscope. Trying to get my feet wet in that arena... soon!


  2. I MISS flair pens! I can't find them here in Australia! :( Good job to your nephew on cleaning those carpets! :) I'm really loving the Periscope app this week!

    ♥ Stephanie
    Fishing for Education Blog

    1. Isn't periscope tons of fun? Have you done a broadcast yet? I've watched tons but haven't jumped in to a broadcast yet... soon!


  3. Hello friend!
    Looks like you are enjoying your summer to the fullest - berries and kitties and reading...oh my! :)

    Speaking of, what books have you been reading lately? I am always on the hunt for new winners to check out :)

    I LOVE flair pens - and always buy a new set each fall to celebrate the back-to-school buzz.

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Flair pens are the best and Ink Joy (you got me started on those). I 've been a reading machine, Jessica! I've read/am reading Total Participation Techniques, Ditch the Textbook, Word Nerds, Nonfiction Matters, and Notice and Note. Then for my classes at school a slew of books, among them Hoot, Not a Drop to Drink, Bar Code Tattoo, Between Shades of Gray, Bulu: African Wonder Dog (this is a really good nonfiction read for 5/6th graders), Counting by 7's, et al. Then just for me, a whole bunch of Amish romance. I have been in heaven!

      And I can see you are in heaven with Baby Hudson! He is just beautiful, a special blessing!

      Thanks for starting the Christian Teachers tribe on FB!


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