July 17, 2015

Fve for Friday... evening!

I've used this excuse before, but I did NOT realize that it was Friday! If I don't check my phone or computer I have no idea what day of the week it is. In this one aspect, I will be glad to get back on school time. Anyway, it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for...

This week's Five for Friday is the teacher supply shopping edition. I saw several Periscopes this past week made by The 360 Degree Teacher. She was so cute doing live Periscope broadcasts as she was shopping for teacher supply bargains. She motivated me so much that I actually got dressed, did my hair and went to Target and The Dollar Tree... this was a major event, bloggy teachers. I normally stuff my hair in a bandana and remain in my muumuu all day, seldom venturing out.

Here are five fun teacher shopping bargains, each of them just a BUCK!
From Target
Even though all of our records (lesson plans and grades) are digitized online, I still need like a hard copy of everything. I have lost grades and lesson plans after keying them in online. Nothing worse than double work! Spending a buck for a grade book is awesome.

From The Dollar Tree
Soooo lovin' these 3D puzzles! One activity my sixers and I will use these for is a mini-research on the elements during the first week of school. Each student will be assigned a common element to research, locate an important fact about, a graphic, and its symbol. The information will go on a piece of the puzzle, and we will assemble all of the pieces to form the shape. I have twenty students so the icosohedron puzzle will be perfect!
Also from the Dollar Tree
As a school we have decided to focus on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. These are actions that we as Catholics are to perform to demonstrate our love for each other. We are emphasizing this because of the instances of bullying we are seeing in society and among our students. These anti-bullying pledge cards will be a perfect addition.
From Target
Aren't these the cutest? I'm thinking of using them in Literature Circles as discussion sticks. There is always one or two students who want to monopolize the circle discussions and interrupt others. In order to speak, a student will need to hold the stick so she/he can add his point.
Also from Target
I had already purchased my border and charts (Scrabble theme), but when I saw these I knew that they were even more of a perfect match for all of the Bright Tweens items I've been making for my new classroom. What do  you think?
You can read more about my Bright Tweens items HEREIf you are interested in this bright theme, I have a set of Whole Brain Teaching rules that I have modified for my classroom in the same colorful theme. 

They will be a forever freebie that you can download HERE. Here's a little preview of what one of the posters looks like.

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the start of Christmas in July here at The Teacher's Desk 6.


  1. It looks like I need to hop on over to Dollar Tree and Target! What great finds!

    Life As I Know It

  2. I love your rule # 1. I also need to get those pointers for " tell your neighbor " time in my class.
    This will give both children a chance to speak without being interrupted. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Loving your Five for Friday! Sounds like you've had a real busy week but sounds great! Loving your borders, i'm obsessed with anything bright, colourful and cute!

    Teaching Autism


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