March 9, 2015

Mind-Boggling Monday: Testing, Argh!

What has my mind boggled this Monday? PARCC testing, that's what!

 Because I teach in a Catholic school our students are not mandated to take the PARCC tests. However, our students that are on special state-funded scholarships are required to complete this new test. This means that when I am supposed to be teaching a particular class, as many as half the students may be out testing. It has boggled my mind for sure AND...there is one more week to go! Just breathe, Angela!

One way I've been coping is doing a LOT of review and reinforcement of previously taught skills. Task cards have been my friend. Here you see two seventh graders practicing point of view with Deb Hanson's task cards.

Another way that I have been coping is holding daily Boggle competitions. Here's the board we'll be using in sixth grade on testing day this week. It's free for you to download and play with your students as well. Just right click the image and save it to your device. You can project it or print it for your students to use.

This board honors Johnny Appleseed who died March 11, 1845.
Not sure how to play Boggle? Click HERE for the original game rules.

Need a Boggle board that you can edit yourself? Click HERE for a free editable board.

Want a variety of editable boards to change with the seasons? Click HERE for a bundle of fifteen.

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