February 24, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs 2.24.15

PaW (Paragraph a Week) was a wonderful, collaborative project for us internet newbies in mid-1997. Thirty or so 5/6th grade teachers, full of ambition and excitement, met daily via email messages, sharing ideas and laughter, issues and problems. I remember how thrilled we were when we discovered how to send a "group" email message, saving us the bother of typing or copying/pasting a batch of addresses. We felt so techy accomplished!

I was honored to be the "keeper of topics" and happy to be asked to format and house the materials on my website. As time progressed, the number of PaW topics grew from the original cache of about 30 to nearly 100, and all were free for teachers to use.

This week's FREE PaW topic is rather appropos, at least for those of us in the northern climes. You can download "Journey of a Snowflake" HERE.

Other PaW FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below.
Earth Day
Mother's Day
Finish the Phrase
National Pencil Month
Favorite Valentine Memory
Bird's Eye View of Spring
Abe and George
Topics soon to appear during the Tuesday Writing PaWs:
My Favorite Outfit
School Uniforms
Don't forget! Tomorrow is the big day, the first TpT Sale of 2015!

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