February 23, 2015

Mind-Boggling Monday 2.23.15 Final Day for Giveaway

So what's mind-boggling this Monday? I'm afraid that it's the weather again! It has been so cold...

We only had one day of classes last week! Granted, Monday and Tuesday were scheduled off days, but Thursday and Friday were good old calamity days, not for snow, but for cold, like -30 degrees cold! The week before that we missed a day for snow and then had Friday as a scheduled off day. Can you sense a pattern here... missing lots of days. We have used EIGHT calamity days since Christmas break! It is difficult to get a routine going.

So what's a teacher to do when her mind is so boggled? Have her students play Boggle, that's what! Boggle is a great morning work activity, it's good for brain breaks, and even works well for indoor recess. Haven't tried it yet with your kiddos? Here's a board to download and project for your students to play. They will think it's a game, while you know they are practicing word skills, AND while they are PLAYING, you can catch your breath and plan ahead. WIN-WIN!

Not sure how to play Boggle? Click HERE for the original game rules.

Need a Boggle board that you can edit yourself? Click HERE for a free editable board.

Want a variety of editable boards to change with the seasons? Click HERE for a bundle of fifteen.

Before you leave, just a little reminder: Today is the LAST day of my Blogiversary giveaway. Hop on over to this BLOG POST and enter to win a $25 TpT gift certificate just in time for the Teachers Are Heroes site sale starting Wednesday... perfect timing!

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  1. We have not had any calamity days here in Florida, but I sure could use one right about now - I am just trying to hang in there until Spring Break! :)

    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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