February 16, 2015

Mind-Boggling Monday: Indoor Recess

So, what's mind-boggling this Monday? It has to be the weather! Here in NE Ohio we are experiencing a winter that won't quit. The snow began falling mid-December, covering the ground and causing our first snow day. The ground? Haven't seen that since before Christmas! Five more snow days, sub-zero temps, and frigid wind chills brings us to today. Brrrr! Luckily we have the day off from classes in celebration of Presidents' Day.

With all of the cold this winter, we have had few days with outdoor recess. Sometimes it's necessary to organize activities for an indoor recess. Left to their own devices, our students might not make the best choices for indoor recess. Boggle is one activity that allows students the freedom to relax yet still engage in word skills. They think they're playing; we know they're learning! SCORE!

Here's a board perfect for Presidents' Day or other American patriotic celebrations. Simply right click on the image, save it to your hard drive, and project it for your students to use.

Not sure how to play Boggle? Click HERE for the original game rules.

Need a Boggle board that you can edit yourself? Click HERE for a free editable board.

Want a variety of editable boards to change with the seasons? Click HERE for a bundle of fifteen.

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