February 20, 2015

Five for Friday 2.20.15

Time to join Doodle Bugs for Teaching for...

This was an interesting week! We only had ONE day in session! Yes, ONE! Monday was Presidents' Day- scheduled off; Tuesday was our comp. day for p/t conferences- scheduled off; Wednesday- GREAT DAY for learning; Thursday was bitterly cold- calamity day off; Friday was frigidly cold- another calamity day (total of eight thus far this year).

 We did manage to get some great learning done this Wednesday! We finished up a project started the week before. Our Science Coach from the local university stopped in and spent the morning working on mixtures and compounds as well as building atomic models. So much fun, so much learning!

My beautiful, 16 year old girl had been quite ill last week and had spent time in the fuzz child hospital. We (the vet) are not quite sure what the problem was. I am positive it is a chronic problem with her teeth. When she came home I had to give her an oral antibiotic... OH MY! We finished her course of treatment this week, and she is feeling much better. Next week, weather permitting, I take her back for a follow-up visit.

That one day we had in session, Wednesday, was Ash Wednesday. Because I teach in a Catholic School we had Mass on this day. What a beautiful liturgy it was! Here is a photo of the display in front of the altar. It contains our Lenten theme... Pray, Fast, Share.

I'm celebrating my second blogiversary this month. In fact, TODAY is exactly two years from the very first post here at The Teacher's Desk 6. I'd like to thank all who have participated in and helped me grow my blog . I'm inviting you to help me do a little celebrating. I'm giving away a $25 TpT gift certificate! Who doesn't like these? Especially during those great sales that TpT OFTEN hosts... wink! You have until Feb. 24th to enter my giveaway. Hop on over to THIS POST before time runs out!


  1. I have had five snow days, so far. We have had only one five day week. Yesterday, we were to have conferences, now will have to make them up. The next two weeks will be interesting with testing and reviewing for the testing.

  2. I love your cat! We have had tabbies for a long time. My middle fur baby is a tabby and quite a hunter. The other two, not so much! My school week was like yours only the weather was not as bad. I live in north Alabama so our snow today was a light dusting. We had Monday off for President's Day, two hour delays for three days and then today off for snow! Hopefully, next week for all of us will be different.
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Seven snow days here. Congrats on the blogiversary!!


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