February 1, 2015

Sunday Scoop... Zombie Zania

Can you believe that it is Sunday already? Even though I had an extra day to my weekend (can you say SNOW DAY on Friday?) the weekend seemed to be shorter than ever!!! Here's the Scoop...Sunday Scoop, that is, with the Teaching Trio.

I am just not going to say too much about those dishes that I mentioned above, nor am I going to speak about the nasty weather we are experiencing here in NE Ohio (think: out of sight, out of mind!), but I am going to shout out the return of...

My favorite TV show returns next Sunday...

...combine that mini-fest, with my second blogiversary later this month, and you've got a series of fun giveaways throughout all of February. What better way (in my mind) to start the fun than with a pin-it-to-win-it with all of my Zombie teaching items. My sixers are wild for all things Zombie!

Just visit the product that you would like receive and pin-it! Copy the pin address and post it in a comment below no later than Feb. 8, 2015 at 8:00 PM EST. Like more than one item? Pin-it as well. The more pins you post, the better your chance of winning. Just before the return of "The Walking Dead" I will select a winner at random who will receive the product of his/her choice. Please be sure that I have access to your email address so that I can send you your prize. You may want to check back here during the week as I have two BRAND NEW Zombie products that I will be uploading SOOOOON!

Here are the products currently available for Zombie Zania:

Zombie Snowman Grouping Cards
Zombified Sentences Proofreading Practice
Zombie ZAP Parts of Speech
Zombielicious Valentine Grouping Cards
Zombielicious Love ZAP
Zombie Grouping Cards
Zombie Homework Management System
Zombie ZAP Simple Verb Tenses
Zombie I Have, Who Has Degrees of Adjectives

Updated 2.8.15 And the Winner of Zombie Zania is...

The zombie product that Mrs. Decker won is...

Have a zombielicious time using these task cards!


  1. LOLing on your dishes. Sometimes it sure does feel like doing dishes and laundry takes over our regular lives, doesn't it? Ugh...but think of how good you'll feel when they're all done (at least for now!)

  2. Oooh, I didn't realise the Walking Dead was back next week. I love it but don't have the channel in my house so my mum has been recording it for me. I haven't seen any of this series but plan to binge watch in 2 weeks time when we have half term! Love the look of all your zombie products!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Congratulations on the blogiversary! Love the mini-zombie fest! My students are fascinated by these zombies as well!! Pinned your Zombielicious Love Zap-after all they need some lovin' too! Can you get them to do your dishes!!??


  4. I too hate dishes, and I almost always have a counter full of dishes that need to be done. My students LOVE your ZAP games, so I think this Zombielicious Love Zap is perfect for my fourth graders.


  5. Dang that groundhog for seeing his shadow today:(
    Zombie ZAP

  6. My students could certainly use some good proofreading practice, and they will totally LOVE this.
    Zombified Sentences Scoot

    1. Congrats, this is the winner pin! I'll be sending your prize in just a moment or two! I must hurry so that I can be in front of the TV in time for the start of "The Walking Dead"... lol!


  7. My students will go wild over this one! Thank you.

    Zombielicious Love - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506866133037469211/

  8. This would be a great review before our quiz this week.


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