May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The World of B&W and Sale Extension

This week's Throwback Thursday post has nothing to do with teaching, other than my kiddos gave me the idea for it. They are fascinated with life when I was a kid. Antenna, black and white television captivates their interest. They love to hear me tell stories about the shows that I watched as a kid, when we got our first color TV, when cable television came into being... yeah, I know... I'm old!

Here's a peek into the black and white world of yesterday.

Of course yours truly is the child in the snapshots:)
In the upper left are my parents, next my favorite aunt, followed by my maternal grandparents, then my sister.
Do you share stories from your childhood with your students?

Something I'm sharing with all of you is an extension to the sale on teaching products in my store. I appreciate each and every one of you, my loyal followers and blog visitors, and to say THANK YOU I'm continuing the sale in my TpT Store. Now through May 10th every item is my store is discounted 20%. Shop now for next year while you can save! Just click on the above link or use the widget in the right sidebar to see what is available.

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