May 4, 2014

Teacher Appreciation: What's in Your Cart?

It’s that time again! A TpT sale is coming soon! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, TeachersPay Teachers is hosting a site wide sale. During this sale most TpT Sellers will have their products on sale for up to 20% off, plus there is an extra promo code to use during checkout in order to take an additional 10% off of all materials on the site for a grand total of a 28% discount! These big sales only happen a few times each year. You’ll never get a better price on materials you need! The TpT Teacher Appreciation sale will happen Tuesday and Wednesday (May 6-7th). It's time to shop and fill-up your wishlist!

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready for the big sale by adding a few new products to my TpT Store...

Cinco de Math-o SCOOT Multi-digit Basic Operations
Cinco de Mayo Synonym ZAP!
Piggy Products SCOOT Multi-digit Multiplication

...and by loading up my cart, ready to check out first thing Tuesday morning.

I LOVE clip art so there are several items I'm purchasing as well as a few ELA items that I can start using this year and continue on into next.

*from Teacher Inspired a pack of 50 Bunting Banners

* from EduClips a bundle of Playground pics

* from Ford's Boards Exit Slips

... and this is just the start of my cart! LOL! To see what other bloggers are planning on purchasing during the Teacher Appreciation sale, hop on over to The Speech Room News and check out all the linky party members' carts. I bet you'll find a slew of more great products listed there! I know I did!


  1. Thanks for linking up! Off to browse and add more into my cart!


  2. Exit Slips! This is definitely something I need! Thanks! :)


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