May 9, 2014

Five for Friday 5.9.14

I can't believe another week has passed! Where does the time go? And speaking of time passing... There are less than 20 days of school left in this school year. PHEW! So much to do yet. Let's start with linking up with Doodlebugs for her weekly linky to showcase this past week.

FIRST... Monday was Cinco de Mayo. To celebrate my fivers worked on a holiday themed craftivity designed by Deb Hanson of Crafting Connections. Deb has a knack for creating fun for ho-hum skill practice. My students study Spanish so this context clues activity was right on target for them. Using Spanish words that appear to resemble English words, students must determine via context if the two words are the same in meaning (cognates) or not (false cognates). After completing the skill portion, students then assemble a poster on which to display their learning. We had loads of fun completing this lesson as you can see by the photos.

SECOND... My sixers completed a craftivity this week also designed by Deb. This one was all about plot. Begun by our student teacher during her last days with us, I had the pleasure of finishing the project.

THIRD... It was Teacher Appreciation Week at school! I received beautiful Gerber Daisies from one of my students, some lovely cards, and some gift certificates to my favorite places (Amazon among them) as signs of appreciation. One of the cards was made by a second grader who sent me a thank you for taking the second and sixth grade classes on a field trip together. We went to the Cleveland Natural History Museum. Part of the trip involved a sky show in the planetarium which obviously impressed this little learner. On the front of the card is the bus, but it's the inside that is... JUST PRECIOUS! He remembered what the sky projector looked like in detail!!!

FOURTH... My sixers FINALLY finished an art project that we have been working on FOREVER. You can see why it took them so long. They turned out so GOOD! Our projects all year are modeled after famous artists' work. This project is based on the style of Jan Vermeer, particularly in his piece "The Girl with the Pearl Earring." Here is the original.

The objective was to capture the style (highlighting, shadows, perspective, etc.) but place the subject in a modern setting. Here are some of my kiddos' pieces. 

FIVE... WOOT! WOOT! Had such fun attending a Facebook Jamberry party! Didn't even have to leave my house! What's Jamberry? Just the easiest, funnest way to have beautiful nails! No paint, no polish, no mess, and all done at home! 

Lovin' it! So many of my friends have been Jammin' for a while and now I can join them. Stay tuned for more about Jamberry! I'll be throwing a Jamberry party for all my blogging buddies and followers in late June or early July. The plans are in the works!!!

Speaking of plans... Plan on stopping over at Doodlebugs' blog to see more Five for Friday posts! You never know what's in the works.


  1. The craftivity projects look amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing! That thank you card you received is so sweet... such detail! Wow! You have some gifted artists in your classroom! I am so impressed by their artwork!

  2. It sounds like you kiddos do a lot of creating - I love it! If only my students were into being as creative as yours....


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