January 26, 2015

Mind-Boggling Monday 1.26.15

Monday always seems to be a challenging day for me, a real mind-boggler! I think it's the lack of routine over the weekend along with the later hours that I keep. I don't think that I'm alone in my feeling as many of my sixers drag in on Monday mornings, quieter and less energetic than usual. They always ask to have subdued lighting (only one set turned on) for a mellow morning start.

Boggle is a quiet activity that seems to warm-up and rev-up my sixers slow moving Monday engines. We spend about ten minutes searching for words independently and another ten sharing the words that we've found. Boggle is truly a terrific game for classroom use. Besides the fun involved, it does boost word skills. Have you tried it with your students yet?

Here's this week's free board for you to download and try with your students. Just click and save the image to your computer and project it for your students to see. If you're unfamiliar with the game, check out the original rules from the creator of the game HERE.

If you like playing Boggle with your students but would like to select your own letters, please check out this set of editable Boggle Boards with background themes suitable throughout the school year. Included are 15 boards that are "user friendly" in that they contain no specific holiday clip art only colors and textures suitable for various seasons and holidays. There's even a blank board that you can program both background and letters. You can read more about the packet HERE or by clicking on the pic. I'll be adding more boards to the packet as time goes on. The price will increase with each set of additions, so be sure to grab the set now and you'll be able to download the additions at no extra charge.

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