January 2, 2015

Five for Friday 1/2/15... Quick Giveaway


I really like to play several games on Facebook, among them Bejeweled Blitz, especially since they added the Daily Challenge feature.

Bejeweled is not my favorite, however. I really, really LOVE to play Boggle, so much so that it seems as if I've been attached to my Smartphone playing Scramble with Friends (Facebook's Boggle equivalent) all during break.

All was not a complete waste, however, my Boggle addiction gave me a great idea! I occasionally play Boggle with my kiddos at school, but it is just too much effort to make a bulletin board with Boggle letters or draw the grid on the board. Over break I made editable Boggle Boards using PowerPoint. LOVE!

There are boards for every month of the school year as well as some special occasions. Just project them on a whiteboard or large screen TV, change the letters as you like and SNAP... instant Boggle game. You can read more about them or download them HERE. There's even a FREEBIE board to try out as well. You can check it out HERE.
I worked as busily as possible on lots of other teaching items also. One that I'll be using the first day back is New Year's Nouns. The 24 task cards and 16 interactive notebook foldables cover all the types of nouns: collective, singular, plural, abstract, concrete, common, and proper. You can read more about this packet HERE and see what my fifth graders will be learning and reviewing during the first week of January.

I just finished this teaching product, a Homework Management System in a Winter Theme. I have it all printed and ready to start using on Monday morning.

If you've been following me for a little while you may remember when I blogged about my homework management system. You can read my original blog post HERE, but I've mentioned it in several other posts as well. I was in need of some new punch cards to record student homework assignment completion and my brag tag collection (small award tokens) was getting a bit thin before Christmas break. I needed to print more in time for classes this coming Monday. Rather than print some I had already created, I decided to whip up a brand new batch in a winter theme. Here are the three parts to the system.




I am really happy with the way this packet turned out. So much so, that I'd like to give away one or two packets in the hope that you'll want to try this system with your students. Just leave a comment below including an email address and I'll pick a name (or two, depending on the number of comments) at random on Sunday night (Jan. 4th) and email you the packet.

Speaking of homework... sigh! I have homework, lots of it! Papers to grade, lessons to plan, masters to print and ready for xeroxing. Have I done it? Am I doing it? I did manage to unpack my teaching satchel and print a few pages... and there it lies! I do still have two more days to get it done, right?

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  1. Oh, I would love to try these out. My principal has decided to change our homework policy starting as soon as we come back from winter break this Monday. We're going from a policy of NO homework to mandatory twice a week homework. After having no homework at all for half a year, I really need something to motivate my students. Email: read180lady@gmail.com

  2. I would love to try your homework management system!! It looks fabulous!! I will keep my fingers crossed!!!
    Happy New year!

  3. Your homework management system looks AWESOME! I definitely need to do something to cure the late homework bug that is going on in my classroom because lets be real keeping up with late homework is a giant pain in the rear. This would fit in nicely with our PBIS program, and I could give out PBIS coupons every time a student fills their homework punch card. I think this would certainly motivate my students to get their homework completed on time.


  4. I would love to try out the homework system too! That is something I have been pondering as this was a big problem for my classes before the break.

    -Lisa (thewritinggarden@gmail.com)
    Mrs. Spangler in the Middle


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