May 9, 2015

F4F on S

I've been non-existent of late for Doodlebugs weekly linky. I was determined to take part this week, but ALAS, once again I missed it! However, I decided to just add my blog post on Saturday. So, here you have it... Five for Friday on Saturday!


This past week was Teacher Appreciation Week! There were so many wonderful things that happened to let our staff know that we are loved and appreciated! Among them three special gifts from my parents: a brand new DVD player (mine gave up the ghost two years ago and there have been no monies available to purchase one), two super large packs of colored printer paper (INB foldables, oh yeah!), and a pot of precious, miniature roses. I have the BEST parents in the world!

This past week was also our spring program. Grades four through six performed a delightful mini-musical about the Wild West. LOVED it!

Finally, this past week the librarians and 7/8th grade teachers in our county met to discuss the recent County English Festival and to select the books for the next year's festival reading list. This was the first year that I had participated in the English Festival so the selection process was new to me. So many great-sounding books were presented by the panel members. Six were selected based on the book talks given by the participants, and all six seemed to be "good". However, now that I've read two of them... Have any of you read these titles? Any thoughts? Reactions?


  1. Hi Angela - yes you do have some supportive parents if that's what you got for your classroom! Maybe Teacher Appreciation Week should cross over here to the U.K.? I'm sorry to say I haven't read any of the titles on your book list but they do look as if they are above the age range for primary school (3-10) so maybe that's why! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  2. I would be so excited if my parents gave me colored paper! I've almost run out. I love watching students perform. I always tear up just a little. My 3rd graders will be performing in two weeks. They're so excited. Have a wonderful week!
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