April 28, 2015

Tuesday Writing PaWs: Mother's Day

Paragraph a Week (PaW) was initially developed before commercial writing programs became popular and was designed to foster a writing routine along with teaching necessary writing skills. Routine can be good, developing consistent habits, but it can also become a bit "boring". Therefore, the group of PaW creators tried to include a wide variety of topics in many genre to keep students motivated and interested in their writing. They tried to provide students with choices within a single topic. The following PaW topic regarding Mother's Day (fast approaching) is one that allows for some student choice. You can download your FREE instruction sheet HERE.

Other PaW (Paragraph a Week) FREEBIES currently available can be downloaded below. This list is arranged in no particular manner and contains single and multi-paragraph topics.
Finish the Phrase
National Pencil Month
Favorite Valentine Memory
Bird's Eye View of Spring
Abe and George
Journey of a Snowflake
A Tribute to Johnny Appleseed
School Uniforms
Chocolate Rain
Good Substitute Teacher
Earth Day

Topics soon to appear during the Tuesday Writing PaWs:
My Favorite Outfit
Good Teacher

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  1. I wanted to thank you for posting these like you do. Our school has really struggled to get an organized writing program together. 4th grade has traditionally been the big writing year, and I am moving to 4th next year. I am downloading all of these so I can pull them out for writing prompts. Do you have a strategy for how you work through these in a week? For example, Monday is the free writing, Tuesday is editing, etc. Thanks for your ideas!


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