April 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Book Club

I'm joining Miss DeCarbo for...

Do any of you facilitate "after school" student book clubs? If so, what are yours like? What do you read? What do you do? This is something new we are doing this year. Several very dedicated parents and I invited all interested 5-7th graders to join us in reading quality literature, snacking, and going on literary excursions. Here we are on an excursion to a local Underground Railroad local museum. So fun and so educational!

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  1. I teach 2nd grade so my "book club" isn't really a book club, but I have purchased several sets of dollar chapter books from Scholastic. Each student gets a copy and I read as they follow along. Most of the books are over their levels, but they LOVE having a book in hand to follow along.

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