April 27, 2015

Mind Boggling Monday: 27 Days and Counting

So, what's mind-boggling this fine Monday? TWENTY-SEVEN days, that's what! Twenty-seven days to finish all the things that should get finished, all the projects, all the plans, field trips, special Masses, Fun Day, Awards Day, etc.  EEK! How will we fit it all in?

Plus, I will be moving rooms. Our enrollment is increasing each year... what a blessing! It means that we are adding additional grades; next year we will have two kindergarten, two first grade, and two second grade homerooms. As a result the fifth, sixth, and seventh grade classrooms are moving down the hallway to the high school wing to make room for the primary grades. Where are the high schoolers going? To the new addition! The mind-boggling question: when will the move take place? Now, when we return in August, or at mid-semester next year (if by chance the new addition is not finished on time.) Mind-boggling indeed!

In the meantime... just enjoy the final days of this school year! One way to do that is to play some fun review games and skill building activities with students. One great activity to try in your classroom is Boggle. Here's a Boggle board to get you started. Simply download the image to your computer and project it for your students to use as morning work, a literacy center, a brain break, etc.

Background courtesy of Creative Clips

Not sure how to play Boggle? Click HERE for the original game rules.

Need a Boggle board that you can edit yourself? Click HERE for a free editable board.

Want a blank boggle board template for your students to use with classroom boggle? Click HERE.

How about a variety of editable boards to change with the seasons? Click HERE for a bundle of fifteen.

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