November 2, 2014

Sunday Scoop 11.2.14

Even though I don't always make it, I look forward to joining in this linky hosted by the Teaching Trio each week. It helps me focus on the week ahead, and I enjoy checking in with other bloggers to see what they have in store.

Here's my scoop for Sunday and the upcoming week...

My scoop this week is a typical teacher's schedule, so that first "I hope to do" is probably on a lot of your lists as well.

My "I'm happy to do" is something I'm really looking forward to. I was in the band as was my niece and now her son is... we come from a long line of bandos! LOL!

I missed a lot of my nephew's marching band performances due to weather and other commitments, so I can't wait to see and hear this concert. After the concert we're heading to our family favorite eatery so...

Monday can NOT come soon enough!!!


  1. I've got conferences this week too. I've been lucky enough to spread them out and offer an evening each week for the past few weeks so it's not totally overwhelming. With any luck, I will be totally done with them by the 12th!

    I hope that you will find some time for rest. I've already been sick twice because I'm not taking enough time for that. Taking time for ourselves sounds so simple, but those to-do lists never seem to end, do they? Here's hoping we'll both get some rest during this busy week!

    Mrs O Knows

  2. It's nice to hear someone looking forward to Monday! Enjoy it!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Ufta. You have something going on on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night! You better rest up today! Hopefully this week goes smoothly for you!

    Funky in Fourth

  4. Hi! I'm at conferences right now, we have them on a Sunday and then there is no school on Monday:)

  5. Hi Angela!
    I'm so glad I follow you because now I have a new linky to look forward to!
    You're right: My list would sound a lot like yours. My conferences are in two weeks--but I haven't started getting ready yet... Guess that will need to go on the list!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. A marching band performance sounds like fun! I always love to watch marching bands in particular- it reminds me of those early morning marching band practices during my flute-playing days! Do your great nephew's band have flags, too? Have fun!

  7. I am so glad you mentioned paying the monthly bills! I just realized it's NOVEMBER and I need to do that right now!



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