November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Veterans Day

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This post originally appeared on The Teacher's Desk 6 on Nov. 4, 2013.

I've never really included a study of Veteran's Day during the month of November. We have always had some sort of special prayer for the day and we have had relatives of students who are veterans come to school for special recognition. But to teach its origin and history? Never, until this year. And it's thanks to you, my bloggy friends.

When I saw how many teachers were doing special lessons to teach students about our veterans and Veteran's Day I was inspired to do something as well. Starting on Wednesday of this week, all three of my classes will begin with a simple TELL ME about Veteran's Day on a post-it note. These will be displayed on the wall as we talk a bit about their perceptions. 

They will then be charged with researching to GIVE ME three facts about the holiday. On Thursday, we will share these, once again on post-its. And finally they will SHOW ME what they have learned and assimilated by designing stamps in honor of Veteran's Day.

In the meantime, my fifth and sixth graders will also polish up some Language Arts skills by doing  two holiday activities that I created this weekend. One is a  Veteran's Day Scoot that focuses on end punctuation and types of sentences, and the other is a Veteran's Day Zap game that focuses on complete sentences and sentence fragments. Both are available in my TpT Store.

Next Monday, Veterans Day, my students will study the poem "In Flanders Field", a tribute to the soldiers who fought during World War I.They will end our study of this wonderful national holiday by receiving a special brag tag that I created for them. You're welcome to download a set of these brag tags for your students if you'd like. Click HERE or on the graphic for your copy.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Veterans' Day, remembering all those men and women who have given us the precious gift of freedom!

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  1. Angela,

    My students played your Veteran's Day Zap on Monday afternoon, and they absolutely LOVED it. I really like that the sentences and fragments on the card contain facts about Veteran's Day. It was a neat way to start our learning about Veteran's Day, and then on Tuesday we made a fun Veteran's Day Art project posted on Upper Elementary Snapshots by Kelly from Teaching Fourth.


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