October 31, 2014

Monstrously Good Buddies

My sixers certainly enjoyed the Halloween season this year, especially since they could share it with their second grade buddies. They helped their buddies create scary (not really) monsters and then developed wonderful stories about their creations.

Please enjoy the sights and sounds of creativity and newly formed friendships.

Have a Monstrously Happy Halloween!


  1. I sent you an email about the AMAZING Zap game. Thanks again for it. We played it again this afternoon, and one of my kiddos said, "you need to tell the teacher who made this game that it was a lot of fun, and we really liked it - it was a lot of fun."

  2. Those monsters are AWESOME!! I LOVED watching the video, listening to the wonderful story, and seeing the kids interact with their buddies! Those thank you notes are so sweet, too! Thank you for sharing!


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