July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Memories

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For whatever reason, last week at our family dinner get-together we started going through OLD photos, ones that dated from WWI and the 1920's. These were photos of my grandparents and parents as children. Since I am the oldest (I remember when I was the youngest) member of the family the discussion turned to photos from my childhood. I am not someone who saves photos and mementos; that was my mom and sister. However, before my mom passed away she went through ALL of her photos and mementos, separating them into boxes for each of us. I just so happened to know where my box was. We had the best time going through the old photos of me, poking fun at what I looked like, what I wore.

The most interest (and LAUGHS) came from a pile of band photos. Back in the day, I was a band geek, BANDO; as was my niece and her husband; and as is their son, my great nephew. Connor was leaving the next day for band camp (he is there now, having the time of his life) and he was curious about band in the OLD DAYS... really, he used those words! 

Here, then, is band in the OLD DAYS...

circa 1974, Was I EVER that young?
Band Camp 1975
Memorial Day Parade 1976
I'm closest to the camera.
Spirit of '76
I actually made money traveling to local sports events, meetings, and other high school concerts playing in this shtick.
Remember 1976 was the US Bicentennial. Would you believe I still have that costume? Minus the bloody bandage.

40 years later, I still am a BANDO...

At church

Alumni Homecoming Band 2009
We even marched!
I sometimes play for local theater musical productions. I thought I had a photo from "Guys and Dolls" but alas it's nowhere to be found. Instead try to imagine this: I am dressed in a Salvation Army Uniform, seated at the rear of the "in the round outdoor theater tent" stage, playing flute/piccolo whilst the singing and acting are going on... all while it is 95 degrees with 95% humidity and 75 degree dewpoint outside the closed tent! Can you say wet mop, wring me out? Somehow I didn't seem to mind!

We don't seem to mind doing the things we enjoy or find worthwhile no matter the conditions! We find the time, we ignore the weather, we push past our tiredness. Whether it be blogging, preparing lessons, creating teaching products, running, reading, or playing an instrument, we love to talk about them, we love to share them, and we love to DO! And while we are doing we are creating memories! Memories that someday we might sit around a dinner table and share. Perhaps YOU WILL BE A MEMORY that one of your students will share with a grandchild someday. Makes you stop and think, eh?

Earlier this summer I stumbled upon the cutest worksheet made by Teaching 5th in Georgia. It will help your students remember the memories that they created during their summer break and perhaps encourage a few conversations along the way. You can download the sheet HERE or by clicking on the pic below.

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  1. I love the photos!! I'm just wondering... was it hard to play the flute while wearing the gloves? I played flute in marching band, and I don't remember the gloves. Maybe I'm having a memory lapse, though!

    1. You played flute also? How cool! Iur band director required everyone to wear white gloves.The flute, clarinet, and sax players were actually supposed to cut off the tips of the gloves to make it easier to "feel" the keys. By October of my freshman year, when the nights were downright COLD and frosty, my bare fingers were ice cubes. I checked the cut pair of gloves for a full fingered pair since we HAD to wear gloves and had no problem. Even when I played piccolo and the keys were uber tiny it didn't seem to cause any trouble. BTW, I hated the gloves. They always got grunchy and had to be cleaned. During pre-game inspection if your gloves were found to be dirty you had to run penalty laps before the next field rehearsal (Monday morning 6:30am). You couldn't throw them in the washing machine so you had to do them by hand.... ugh! More memories! Yes, I ran a few laps for dirty gloves... more than a few actually.


  2. I love what you said about not minding to find time for the things we enjoy/find worthwhile. It is not always easy, but it is so important. The band pictures are great (old and new).

    Thank you for the freebie link.

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. My sons did band in high school, and it was the BEST! The kids were all "good" kids, and they had so much fun. I did majorettes in high school - back in the 1970's (kind of part of the band). I love this link-up!

  4. I love all your photos! Great memories for sure! :)

  5. I am loving all of your photos, Angela! I have never played an instrument. It's something I wish I would've tried when I was younger. Who knows...maybe I'll pick it up one day. So glad you shared the Snapshots from my Summer. Laura is one of my favorite bloggers. Well everyone is my favorite bloggers, but Laura is my extra sweet friend!! Here's her blog if you don't already follow! http://lahinga.blogspot.com/
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  6. Love the pictures! So fun :) Thanks for letting me link up to my first Throwback Thursday :)


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