July 31, 2014

B2S Blogger Product Swap

I am super excited to be participating in this year's...

Special thanks to Cara from Creative Playground for
organizing this year's product swap!

I was even MORE excited to learn that I was paired with my super, sweet blogging buddy Jessica from Joy in the Journey. Jessica is a dedicated and faith-filled, fifth-grade teacher who is passionate about teaching, her students, and the products that she creates. Jessica invited me to "shop" her TpT store and select the product that I would like as a swap. Oh my! She has so many wonderful items, it was not an easy task. Here is what I finally chose, an activity to help my 5th and 6th grade kiddos with their study of figurative language.

The Horsing Around with Hyperbole packet includes:

• Hyperbole Poster

Great to use as the skill is introduced or as an anchor chart.
It could be miniaturized and placed in an interactive notebook for reference.

• Hyperbole Student Note Sheet

Perfect for use in an interactive notebook
and to aid students in listening skills during a lesson,
focusing on the main ideas and important points.

• Hyperbole Task Cards (20)

Attractive and easy to read, each contains a kid familiar example.
The cards can be used in a literacy center, for a scavenger hunt, or for a game of Scoot.

• Student Tracking Sheet

Convenient for students to use, especially as part of a literacy center
since Jessica provides a place for a score and reference to self-checking using the answer key.

• Answer Key

Easy to read and a perfect addition for a self-checking literacy center.
The answer key is identical to the tracking sheet, making it super simple for students to
check their work with ease.

• Heaping Hyperbole Poem Activity

Students are asked to read Shel Silverstein's poem "Sarah Cynthia Slyvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out" which is RICH in hyperbole. They are then asked to explain why this poem relates to hyperbole, requiring them to use application skills.

• Heaping Hyperbole Visualization and Re-call activity

Related to the Shel Silverstein poem activity, students are required to demonstrate
recall of material they have read, taking this from a figurative language activity,
into a basic comprehension skill practice. As a teacher, I appreciate integration of multiple skills
in a singular product... more bang for your buck!

• Hyperbole or Not? Worksheet

Jessica provides further practice with more examples of hyperbole
for students to identify, this time with a little coloring involved. This page is perfect
for individual assessment as an in class paper or for simple review for homework.

• Answer Key

Jessica conveniently includes an answer key for the independent practice activity as well.
This addition allows the activity to be part of a literacy center as well.

Horsing Around with Hyperbole is chock-full of great activities that provide whole class, small group, and individual learning experiences for third through sixth graders especially. It can be used for practicing multiple skills besides simply identifying hyperbole: note taking, reading comprehension, writing, and listening. I can NOT wait to try this out with my Language Arts classes this coming school year. I think you should try it, too!

Please be sure to stop over at Jessica's blog, Joy in the Journey, where she will be describing and reviewing my item for the blogger product swap: Fall Scoot Prepositional Phrases. If you like what you read, hop over to my TpT store where you will be able to download this fun and engaging Scoot game for half-price now through Aug. 3, 2014. 

Then make sure that you visit all the other blogs below for more great products to use throughout your school year.

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  1. Wow! There are so many great activities in this packet! Thanks for the review, Angela!

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